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anyKode Marilou

Robotics suite

anyKode Marilou Description
anyKode Marilou is a modeling and simulation environment for mobile robots, humanoids, articulated arms and parallels robots operating in real-world conditions that respect the laws of physics. This robotics suite is used in research centers as well as industry for various projects like humanoid architectures, wheeled and multi legged vehicles and multi-robot systems (Multi-agents).
Marilou real-time engine uses the ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) for collisions detecting and dynamics management. Various 'real world' variables like forces, torques, masses, damping, friction and others can be adjusted directly to the objects surfaces.
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Latest version of anyKode Marilou is anyKode Marilou 2010 and it was released on February, 2013.

anyKode Marilou Alternatives

  • AnimatLab by David W. Cofer, Gennady Cymbalyuk, James Reid, Ying Zhu, William J. Heitler, and Donald H. Edwards

    AnimatLab is an open-source neuromechanical simulation tool that allows authors to easily build and test biomechanical models and the neural networks that control them to produce behaviors. Users...

    Latest version of AnimatLab is 2.0.7 and it was released on 2013-06-08.

    Tags: Robotics Simulation Software, Scientific Simulation Software, Science Software
  • Player Project by Brian Gerkey,Richard Vaughan,Andrew Howard,Nathan Koenig

    The Player Project (formerly the Player/Stage Project) is a project to create free software for research into robotics and sensor systems. Its components include the Player network server and the...

    Latest version of Player Project is Player 3.0.2 and it was released on June 28, 2010.

    Tags: Free Software Projects, Robotics Simulation Software, 2000 Software, 2000 In Robotics
  • RoboDK

    RoboDK is an offline programming and simulation software for industrial robots. The simulation software can be used for many manufacturing projects including milling, welding, pick and place,...

    Tags: Simulation Software, Robotics Simulation Software, Simulation Programming Languages, Industrial Robotics
  • Roboforge by D.Green, M.Ward, H.Calveley, M.De Freitas

    Roboforge is a strategy game developed by Liquid Edge and was released in...

    Latest version of Roboforge is 1.34 and it was released on 2008-01-28.

    Tags: Programming Games, Programming Contests, Robotics Simulation Software, Robot Video Games, 2001 Video Games, 2001 In Robotics, Commercial Video Games With Freely Available Source Code, Java Platform Games
  • RoboLogix by Logic Design Inc.

    RoboLogix is a robotics simulator which uses a physics engine to emulate robotics applications. The advantages of using robotics simulation tools such as RoboLogix are that they save time in the...

    Latest version of RoboLogix is V6.1 and it was released on January 2017.

    Tags: Robotics Simulation Software, Simulation Programming Languages, Industrial Robotics
  • Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB by Peter Corke

    The Robotics Toolbox is MATLAB Toolbox software that supports research and teaching into arm-type and mobile robotics. This is free software but requires the proprietary MATLAB environment in order...

    Latest version of Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB is 9.8 and it was released on February 2, 2013.

    Tags: Free Software, Robotics Software, Robotics Simulation Software
  • Simbad robot simulator by Louis Hugues, Nicolas Bredèche

    Simbad robot simulator is an open source cross-platform software simulator used to develop robotics and artificial intelligence applications. The Simbad project started in 2005, initially developed...

    Latest version of Simbad robot simulator is Simbad 1.4.0 and it was released on 2007-07-14.

    Tags: Free Simulation Software, Robotics Simulation Software, 2005 Software, 2005 In Robotics
  • SimSpark by Oliver Obst,Jan Murray,Joschka Boedecker,Markus Rollmann,Mosalam Ebrahimi,Hedayat Vatankhah,Sander van Dijk,Xu Yuan

    SimSpark is a generic simulation system for various multiagent simulations. It supports developing physical simulations for AI and robotics research with an open-source application framework. It is...

    Tags: Robotics Simulation Software, Educational Software, 2003 Software, 2003 In Robotics
  • Visual Components by Visual Components Oy

    Visual Components is a commercial 3D discrete event simulation software that enables material flow and robotics simulation on one platform. The functionality can be extended with off-line...

    Latest version of Visual Components is 2014 SP2 and it was released on 2014-10-07.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Windowsonly Software, Robotics Simulation Software
  • Webots by Cyberbotics Ltd.

    Webots is a professional robot simulator widely used for educational purposes. The Webots project started in 1996, initially developed by Dr. Olivier Michel at the Swiss Federal Institute of...

    Latest version of Webots is Webots 8.6.1 and it was released on Oct 12, 2017.

    Tags: Robotics Simulation Software, 1996 Software, 1996 In Robotics