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Cliqz Description
Cliqz is a web browser developed by Cliqz GmbH. It is a fork of the Firefox web browser with privacy-oriented changes, among which are a crowdsourced anti-tracking mechanism, and an in-house search engine embedded within the browser, utilizing its own index of web pages to produce suggestions within the address bar dropdown menu rather than on separate pages. The browser's developers argued that other privacy-focused search engines may still pass the user's IP address to third-party search providers. Cliqz is available as a desktop and mobile web browser, as well as an extension for Firefox itself.
Cliqz is majority-owned by Hubert Burda Media. In August 2016, Mozilla, developer of Firefox, made a strategic investment in Cliqz. Cliqz plans to eventually monetize the software through a program known as Cliqz Offers, which will deliver sponsored offers to users based on their interests and browsing history. However, these recommendations will be processed locally based on a remote repository of offers, with no personally identifiable data sent to remote servers.
On 15 February 2017, Cliqz International GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cliqz GmbH, acquired the privacy-oriented browser extension Ghostery.
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Cliqz Alternatives

  • Capture Fox by Wasinger Tech

    Capture Fox is a free Mozilla Firefox add-on that was released on July 12, 2008. Its primary use is for capturing screen shots and recording voices, making it useful for creating screencast...

    Tags: Streaming Software, Screencasting Software, Multimedia Software, Firefox Addons
  • Firefox Petname Tool by Tyler Close

    Petname systems are naming systems that claim to possess all three naming properties of Zooko's triangle - global, secure, and memorable. Software that uses such a system can satisfy all three...

    Latest version of Firefox Petname Tool is 1.7 and it was released on July 14, 2009.

    Tags: Computer Security Software, Secure Communication, Mozilla Addons, Firefox Addons
  • Ghostery by David Cancel,,Felix Shnir,,Alexei Miagkov,,José María Signanini

    Ghostery is a privacy and security-related browser extension and mobile browser application. Since February 2017, it is owned by the German company Cliqz GmbH (formerly owned by Evidon, Inc., which...

    Tags: Online Advertising, Firefox Addons, Google Chrome Extensions, Internet Privacy Software, Opera Software, Internet Explorer Addons, Android Software, Ios Software
  • LanguageTool by and

    LanguageTool is a free and open-source, cross-platform spell and grammar checker which can be used as an extension in LibreOffice/OpenOffice, Vim, Emacs, Firefox and Thunderbird, or as a stand-alone...

    Tags: Crossplatform Free Software, Software Using The Lgpl License, Firefox Addons, Free Software Programmed In Java, Grammar Checkers, Free Spelling Checking Programs
  • LastPass by LogMeIn

    LastPass is a freemium password management service that stores encrypted passwords in private accounts. LastPass is standard with a web interface, but also includes plugins for many web browsers and...

    Tags: Password Managers, Cryptographic Software, Firefox Addons, Internet Explorer Addons, 2008 Software, Google Chrome Extensions, Proprietary Crossplatform Software, Cloud Infrastructure Attacks Failures
  • Lightbeam

    Lightbeam (called Collusion in its experimental version) is an add-on for Firefox that displays third party tracking cookies placed on the user's computer while visiting various websites. It...

    Latest version of Lightbeam is 1.3.2 and it was released on 2017-03-22.

    Tags: Firefox Addons, Internet Privacy Software
  • NoScript

    NoScript (or NoScript Security Suite) is a free software extension for Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, and other Mozilla-based web browsers, created and actively maintained by Giorgio Maone, an Italian...

    Tags: Free Security Software, Mozilla Addons, Firefox Addons
  • Offer Assistant by Billeo, Inc.

    Offer Assistant was a browser-based password, finance, and promotional offers manager for Internet Explorer and Firefox. It was certified by TRUSTe, VeriSign, and Softpedia. It was featured at Visa,...

    Latest version of Offer Assistant is and it was released on 2012-04-20.

    Tags: Password Managers, Cryptographic Software, Firefox Addons, Internet Explorer Addons
  • PDFjs by Mozilla

    PDF.js or pdf.js is a JavaScript library intended to render PDF files using the HTML5 Canvas for a safer and web standards compliant web browser rendering of PDF files. The project is led by the...

    Latest version of PDF.js is 1.6.210 and it was released on 2016-10-04.

    Tags: Crossplatform Free Software, Firefox, Firefox Addons, Free Pdf Readers, Free Web Software, Javascript Libraries
  • Pocket by Mozilla Corporation

    Pocket, previously known as Read It Later, is an application and service for managing a reading list of articles from the Internet. It is available for OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone,...

    Tags: Mozilla Acquisitions, Crossplatform Mobile Software, Application Software, Ios Software, Android Software, Blackberry Software, 2007 Software, Online Bookmarking Services, Google Chrome Extensions, Firefox Addons, 2017 Acquisitions
  • Privacy Badger by Electronic Frontier Foundation

    Privacy Badger is a free browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Its purpose is to promote a balanced approach to...

    Latest version of Privacy Badger is 2017.5.9 and it was released on 2017-05-09.

    Tags: Internet Privacy Software, Electronic Frontier Foundation, 2014 Software, Google Chrome Extensions, Firefox Addons, Software Using The Gpl License
  • uBlock Origin by Current:,Raymond Hill, Nik Rolls,Past:,Deathamns, Chris Aljoudi, Alex Vallat

    uBlock Origin (pronounced you-block ) is a free and open source, cross-platform browser extension for content-filtering, including ad-blocking. The extension is available for several browsers:...

    Tags: 2014 Software, Advertisingfree Media, Computerrelated Introductions In 2014, Firefox Addons, Firewall Software, Free Security Software, Google Chrome Extensions, Internet Privacy Software, Online Advertising
  • Zotero by Center for History and New Media at George Mason University

    Zotero is free and open-source reference management software to manage bibliographic data and related research materials (such as PDF files). Notable features include web browser integration, online...

    Tags: Software That Uses Xul, Reference Management Software, Free Reference Management Software, Library 20, Firefox Addons, Reference, 2006 Software, Software Using The Gnu Agpl License
  • ApexKB by Trilex Labs

    ApexKB (formerly Jumper 2.0), is an open source script for collaborative search and knowledge management powered by a shared enterprise bookmarking engine that is a fork of KnowledgebasePublisher....

    Latest version of ApexKB is and it was released on 2010-11-15.

    Tags: Knowledge Management, Collaborative Software, Content Management Systems, Free Software Programmed In Php, Search Engine Software, Document Management Systems, Social Cataloging Applications
  • Elasticsearch by Shay Banon

    Elasticsearch is a search engine based on Lucene. It provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an url=HTTP]web interface and schema-free ] documents. Elasticsearch is...

    Latest version of Elasticsearch is 5.6.1 and it was released on 2017-09-18.

    Tags: Search Engine Software, Free Software Programmed In Java, Free Search Engine Software, Databaserelated Software For Linux, Internet Search Engines
  • ExaSearch by Exanet

    ExaSearch, an enterprise-class search engine, which integrates with Exanet’s scalable, high-performance ExaStore, network attached storage (NAS) software, allowing customers to turn stored data into...

    Latest version of ExaSearch is 4.5 and it was released on 2007.

    Tags: Search Engine Software
  • Frontera by Scrapinghub Ltd., GitHub community

    Frontera is an open source, web crawling framework implementing crawl frontier component and providing scalability primitives for web crawler...

    Latest version of Frontera is v0.7.0 and it was released on 2017-02-09.

    Tags: Search Engine Software, Web Crawlers
  • Funnelback Platform by Funnelback R&D Team

    Funnelback is both a search engine software product and the name of the company selling the technology. Funnelback software is typically deployed as a vertical search or enterprise search solution,...

    Latest version of Funnelback Platform is 15.10.0 and it was released on 2017-04-12.

    Tags: Technology Companies Of Australia, Search Engine Software, Csiro, Companies Established In 2005, Companies Based In Canberra
  • intergator by interface projects GmbH

    intergator is an Information Access Platform and a product suite for Enterprise Search. It is an intelligent systemwide search engine, knowledge management- and analytics platform. The fifth...

    Tags: Search Engine Software
  • Lookeen Desktop Search by Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH

    Lookeen is an enterprise search and desktop search product released in 2008 by Axonic Informationssysteme...

    Latest version of Lookeen Desktop Search is and it was released on 2015-11-16.

    Tags: Shareware, Microsoft Officerelated Software, Desktop Search Engines, Search Engine Software, Companies Established In 2003, Products Introduced In 2007, Companies Based In Badenwrttemberg, Software Companies Of Germany
  • Lucene by Apache Software Foundation

    Apache Lucene is a free and open-source information retrieval software library, originally written completely in Java by Doug Cutting. It is supported by the Apache Software Foundation and is...

    Latest version of Lucene is 6.6.1 and it was released on 2017-09-07.

    Tags: Apache Software Foundation, Free Search Engine Software, Java Libraries, C Sharp Libraries, Crossplatform Software, Software Using The Apache License, Search Engine Software
  • Lucidworks Fusion

    Lucidworks is a San Francisco, California-based enterprise search technology company offering an application development platform, commercial support, consulting, training and value-add software for...

    Latest version of Lucidworks Fusion is 3.1.0 and it was released on 2017-06-21.

    Tags: American Companies Established In 2007, Technology Companies Established In 2007, Search Engine Software, Software Companies Based In The San Francisco Bay Area, Information Retrieval Organizations, Internet Search Engines, Big Data Companies
  • Solr by Apache Software Foundation

    Solr (pronounced "solar") is an open source enterprise search platform, written in Java, from the Apache Lucene project. Its major features include full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted...

    Latest version of Solr is 7.0.0 and it was released on 2017-09-20.

    Tags: Apache Software Foundation, Free Software Programmed In Java, Free Search Engine Software, Search Engine Software, Databaserelated Software For Linux, Nosql
  • Firefox for iOS

    Firefox for iOS is a browser from Mozilla, for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch mobile devices. It is the first Firefox branded browser not to use the Gecko layout engine as is used in Firefox...

    Latest version of Firefox for iOS is 9.0 and it was released on 2017-09-19.

    Tags: 2015 Software, Firefox, Free Multilingual Software, Free Software Programmed In Objectivec, Free Software Programmed In Swift, Free Web Browsers, Web Browsers For Ios, Software Using The Mozilla License, Mobile Web Browsers, Ios Software