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[wiki=3f3647665049f1a8be859d87c8cd998f]Extentech Inc.[/wiki] Description
Sheetster is a GPL Open Source Web Spreadsheet and a Java Application Server created by Extentech Inc. The product was created for the enterprise and small and medium-sized businesses as an Open Source alternative to closed document management systems.
A list below shows [wiki=3f3647665049f1a8be859d87c8cd998f]Extentech Inc.[/wiki] alternatives which were either selected by us or voted for by users. You can filter this list by tags and platforms

Latest version of [wiki=3f3647665049f1a8be859d87c8cd998f]Extentech Inc.[/wiki] is Sheetster Version 1.4 and it was released on 2009-10-27.

Extentech Inc Alternatives

  • GNU Oleo

    GNU Oleo is a lightweight free software spreadsheet originally designed as a text-based spreadsheet using the curses library. The last development version of Oleo, 1.99.16, was released in...

    Latest version of GNU Oleo is 1.99.16 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2001}}.

    Tags: Discontinued Software, Gnu Project Software, Free Spreadsheet Software, 1992 Software
  • Gnumeric by The GNOME Project

    Gnumeric is a spreadsheet program that is part of the GNOME Free Software Desktop Project. Gnumeric version 1.0 was released on 31 December 2001. Gnumeric is distributed as free software under the...

    Tags: 2001 Software, Business Software For Linux, Crossplatform Software, Free Software Programmed In C, Free Spreadsheet Software, Office Software That Uses Gtk, Plotting Software
  • LibreOffice Calc by The Document Foundation

    LibreOffice Calc is the spreadsheet component of the LibreOffice software package. After forking from in 2010, LibreOffice Calc underwent a massive re-work of external reference...

    Tags: Crossplatform Free Software, Free Spreadsheet Software, Libreoffice, Spreadsheet Software, Spreadsheet Software For Macos, Spreadsheet Software For Windows
  • Orgmode by Carsten Dominik et al.

    Org-mode (also: Org mode; ) is an editing and organizing mode for notes, planning, and authoring in the free software text editor Emacs. The name is used to encompass plain text files ("org files")...

    Latest version of Org-mode is 9.1.1 and it was released on 2017-09-17.

    Tags: Distributed Bug Tracking Systems, Emacs Modes, Free Notetaking Software, Free Personal Information Managers, Free Spreadsheet Software, Free Task Management Software, Lightweight Markup Languages, Outliners
  • Pyspread

    Pyspread is a non-traditional spreadsheet. Cells in pyspread's grid accept expressions in the Python programming language. A cell can return any Python object, which allows calculations with...

    Latest version of Pyspread is 1.1 and it was released on 2017-01-08.

    Tags: Spreadsheet Software, Python Software, Software That Uses Wxwidgets, Free Software, Free Spreadsheet Software, Crossplatform Software
  • wikiCalc by Dan Bricklin

    wikiCalc is a web application, created by Dan Bricklin, that allows for the creation and editing of spreadsheets through a wiki-style user-editable interface. It is currently released as version 1.0...

    Latest version of wikiCalc is 1.0 and it was released on 2007-01-25.

    Tags: Free Spreadsheet Software, Free Wiki Software, Online Spreadsheets
  • EditGrid by Team and Concepts

    EditGrid was a Web 2.0 spreadsheet service, operated via Internet access (web-based application). It offered both a free-of-charge service to personal users and a subscription service to...

    Tags: Freeware, Online Spreadsheets, Plotting Software
  • IBM Docs by IBM

    IBM Docs is an interactive software product from IBM for online editing of office documents. The purpose of IBM Docs is to simplify the way individual users or teams edit and review office...

    Latest version of IBM Docs is 2.0 and it was released on December 18, 2015.

    Tags: Cloud Applications, Collaborative Realtime Editors, Office Software, Online Office Suites, Online Spreadsheets, Online Word Processors, Presentation Software, Web Applications
  • ShowDocument by HBR Labs

    ShowDocument is an online web application that allows multiple users to conduct web meetings, upload, share and review documents from remote locations. The service was developed by the HBR Labs...

    Tags: Web Applications, Cloud Applications, File Hosting, Presentation Software, Online Word Processors, Online Spreadsheets, Online Office Suites