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Flowable Description
Flowable is an open-source workflow engine written in Java that can execute business processes described in BPMN 2.0.
Flowable is an actively maintained fork of Activiti (software).
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Latest version of Flowable is 6.1.2, 5.23.0 and it was released on 25 July 2017.

Flowable Alternatives

  • Apache Taverna by Apache Software Foundation (myGrid for 2.x)

    Apache Taverna is an open source software tool for designing and executing workflows, initially created by the myGrid project under the name Taverna Workbench, now a project under the Apache...

    Latest version of Apache Taverna is 2.5 and it was released on 2014-04-16.

    Tags: Workflow Technology, Bioinformatics Software, School Of Computer Science University Of Manchester, Workflow Software, Apache Software Foundation, Apache Software Foundation Projects, Software Using The Apache License
  • CEITON workflow and scheduling system by expertplace solutions GmbH

    CEITON is a web-based proprietary software system for planning, managing, scheduling and invoicing business processes of companies using workflow technologies. The system is used by several media...

    Latest version of CEITON workflow and scheduling system is 8.0 and it was released on 2016-12-01.

    Tags: Project Management Software, Film And Video Technology, Proprietary Crossplatform Software, Web Applications, Workflow Software, Workflow Technology, Timetracking Software
  • ClearQuest by Clearquest

    ClearQuest is an enterprise level workflow automation tool from the Rational Software division of IBM. Commonly, ClearQuest is configured as a bug tracking system, but it can be configured to act as...

    Latest version of ClearQuest is and it was released on 2017-09-13.

    Tags: Rational Software Software, Bug And Issue Tracking Software, Workflow Software
  • Collective Knowledge by cTuning foundation and dividiti

    The Collective Knowledge project (or CK for short) is an open-source framework and repository to enable sustainable, collaborative and reproducible research and development. CK is a small, portable...

    Latest version of Collective Knowledge (CK) is 1.9.1 and it was released on 2017-04-30.

    Tags: Workflow Technology, Workflow Software, Build Automation
  • DAX by DAX Cloud

    DAX is a cloud based Software as a Service production workflow application used by the television and film industries for media production and digital asset management. The name DAX is derived from...

    Tags: Workflow Software
  • Galaxy

    Galaxy is a scientific workflow, data integration, and data and analysis persistence and publishing platform that aims to make computational biology accessible to research scientists that do not...

    Latest version of Galaxy is 17.01 and it was released on 2017-02-23.

    Tags: Bioinformatics Software, Free Software Projects, Workflow Software
  • Pandoc

    Pandoc is a free and open-source software document converter, widely used as a writing tool (especially by scholars) and as a basis for publishing workflows. It was originally created by John...

    Latest version of Pandoc is 1.19 and it was released on 2016-12-01.

    Tags: 2006 Software, Free Software Programmed In Haskell, Technical Communication Tools, Workflow Software