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GARANT Description
GARANT (ГАРАНТ) is a complex of services based on a legal information resource developed by the «Garant-Service-Universitet» Scientific-Production Enterprise Limited Liability Company, the first large-scale commercial legal information system in Russia (since 1990) containing the legislation of the Russian Federation (also in the English language).
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GARANT Alternatives

  • Consultant Plus by Consultant Plus

    Consultant Plus (Консультант Плюс) is an assistance system to work with the legislation of Russia. Consultant's centralized database is updated daily. It is distributed via a network of...

    Tags: Legal Software, Russian Law, Windowsonly Software, Law Databases, Databases In Russia
  • Time Matters by LexisNexis by LexisNexis

    Time Matters is practice management software, produced by LexisNexis which was purchased by Reed Elsevier in March, 2004. It differs from contact management software such as ACT! or GoldMine because...

    Latest version of Time Matters by LexisNexis is 13.0 and it was released on ???.

    Tags: Business Software, Legal Software, Timekeeping
  • TimeSheet

    TimeSheet is a Time-tracking software developed by in Netherlands. TimeSheet can be helpful in several situations but especially for freelancers who are getting paid by the hour...

    Latest version of TimeSheet is 2.2.5 and it was released on 2016-02-09.

    Tags: Timetracking Software, Web Applications, Project Management Software, Administrative Software, Business Software, Business Software Companies, Legal Software