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ixi lang Description
Ixi lang is a programming language for live coding musical expression. It is taught at diverse levels of musical education and used in Algorave performances. Like many other live coding languages, such TidalCycles, ixi lang is a domain-specific language that embraces simplicity and constraints in design.
In 2015, ixi lang was presented at the Loop summit, organised by the music software manifacturer Ableton, where it gained critical acclaim as an alternative way of making music in the studio as well as in live performance. Mark Smith, of techno-duo Garland writes about the language: "By entering the name of a sound, drawing your own bars and typing notes with numbers, you can make simple beats and melodies almost immediately. If you memorise a few different command lines a broad range of modulations and structural changes becomes possible. Whatever simple information you entered beforehand becomes hugely pliable - and you can do all this to your own uploaded bank of samples. Given that just about anyone can get up and running with a few minutes, those who are willing to put their time into live coding software like ixi lang can reach highly intuitive and fluid levels of improvised composition"
Ixi lang is used internationally, for example by members of the Quase-Linema Lab collective in Brazil, Belisha Beacon and Section 9 in the UK, or by the Paris-based Sougata Bhattacharya. Ixi Lang is referenced in various live coding literature and has influenced other live coding systems such as Gibber, EarSketch, WulfCode and Sonic Pi.
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  • iMUSE by Michael Land,Peter McConnell

    iMUSE (Interactive Music Streaming Engine) is an interactive music system used in a number of LucasArts video games. The idea behind iMUSE is to synchronize music with the visual action in a video...

    Tags: Computer Music Software, Middleware For Computer Games, Video Game Music
  • Microsoft Research Songsmith by Microsoft Research

    Microsoft Research Songsmith is a musical accompaniment application for Microsoft Windows, launched in early 2009. Songsmith immediately generates a musical accompaniment after a voice is recorded....

    Latest version of Microsoft Research Songsmith is 1.03 and it was released on October 2012.

    Tags: Microsoft Software, Computer Music Software, Software Synthesizers
  • ixi software by ixi software

    ixi software is an open source experimental project concerned with building musical instruments where the interface is at the same time a meta-composition. The instrument becomes a pattern generator...

    Tags: Computer Music Software
  • FractMus by Gustavo Díaz-Jerez

    FractMus is a freeware algorithmic music generator program developed and maintained by Spanish pianist and composer Gustavo Díaz-Jerez. It has been primarily used by composers, performers, software...

    Tags: Computer Music Software, Windows Multimedia Software
  • Mixcraft by Acoustica, Inc. (Yosemite Valley, CA)

    Mixcraft is a multitrack recording application for Windows. This music recording software functions as a digital audio workstation, MIDI sequencer, virtual instrument host, non-linear video...

    Latest version of Mixcraft is 8.1 build 389 and it was released on March 30th, 2017.

    Tags: Audio Recording Software, Audio Software, Computer Music Software, Digital Audio Workstation Software, Music Looping, Software Synthesizers, Soundtrack Creation Software
  • MobileNotifier by Peter Hajas (Lead Developer), Tim Novinger (Developer), Dustin Howett (Co-License Holder), Kyle Adams (UI Designer)

    MobileNotifier was a free open-source alert messaging system, written by Peter Hajas, for jailbroken iOS devices including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, for iOS 4.0. Mobile Notifier was written as a...

    Latest version of MobileNotifier is beta5 (Ecstatic Eggo) and it was released on 29 May 2011.

    Tags: 2010 Software, Free System Software, Ios Jailbreaking, Ios Software, Computer Programming