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ixiQuarks Description
ixiQuarks is an experimental music software released by the ixi software team, focusing on both live and studio production contexts.
ixiQuarks is a software environment designed for live musical improvisation that allows for user interaction on hardware, GUI and code level. The environment enables innumerable setups with flexible loading of tools and instruments. The ixiQuarks consist of different types of tools: basic utilities, instruments, effects, filters, spectral effects and generators.
In 2008, ixiQuarks won the first prize in the Lomus international music software contest organized by the Association Française d’Informatique Musicale.
This software is written in SuperCollider and is part of an extended research programme exploring human-computer interaction in computer music.
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ixiQuarks Alternatives

  • Csound

    Csound is a computer programming language for sound, also known as a sound compiler or an audio programming language, or more precisely, an audio DSL. It is called Csound because it is written in C,...

    Latest version of Csound is 6.08.1 and it was released on 2016-12-10.

    Tags: Audio Programming Languages, Free Audio Software, Electronic Music Software, Software Synthesizers
  • NINJAM by various

    NINJAM stands for Novel Intervallic Network Jamming Architecture for Music. The software and systems comprising NINJAM provide a non-realtime mechanism for exchanging audio data across the internet,...

    Latest version of NINJAM is v0.06 (client & server), and it was released on July 20, 2005 (client), May 3, 2007 (server).

    Tags: Musical Improvisation, Electronic Music Software
  • Pure Data

    Pure Data (Pd) is a visual programming language developed by Miller Puckette in the 1990s for creating interactive computer music and multimedia works. While Puckette is the main author of the...

    Tags: Audio Programming Languages, Electronic Music Software, Free Audio Software, Software Synthesizers, Visual Programming Languages, Software Using The Bsd License, Free Software Programmed In C
  • Sound Object Library

    The Sound Object (SndObj) Library is a C++ object-oriented programming library for music and audio development. It is composed of 100+ classes for signal processing, audio, MIDI and file I/O and is...

    Tags: C Libraries, Python Libraries, Free Audio Software, Audio Programming Languages, Electronic Music Software, Audio Libraries
  • ImproVisor by Robert M. (Bob) Keller and others at Harvey Mudd College and elsewhere

    Impro-Visor is an educational tool for creating and playing a lead sheet, with a particular orientation toward representing jazz...

    Latest version of Impro-Visor is 8.11 and it was released on 2016-05-31.

    Tags: Free Music Software, Free Educational Software, Musical Improvisation, Jazz Techniques, Music Notation File Formats, Scorewriters, Macos Audio Editors, Scorewriters For Linux