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jabberd2 Description
jabberd2 is an XMPP server, written in the C language and licensed as Free software under the GNU General Public License. It was inspired by jabberd14.
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Latest version of jabberd2 is 2.5.0 and it was released on 2017-01-05.

jabberd2 Alternatives

  • ejabberd by ProcessOne

    ejabberd is an XMPP application server, written mainly in the Erlang programming language. It can run under several Unix-like operating systems such as Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD...

    Latest version of ejabberd is ejabberd Community Server 16.09 and it was released on 2016-09-13.

    Tags: Instant Messaging Server Software, Erlang, Free Software Programmed In Erlang, Xmpp
  • Gitter by Troupe Technology Ltd.

    Gitter is an open source instant messaging and chat room system for developers and users of GitHub repositories. Gitter is provided as software-as-a-service, with a free option providing all basic...

    Tags: Community Websites, Instant Messaging Server Software, Chat Websites, Web Applications, Opensource Cloud Applications, Computer Programming Tools, Business Chat Software, Internet Properties Established In 2013
  • IBM Sametime by IBM

    IBM Sametime (formerly IBM Lotus Sametime) is a client-server application and middleware platform that provides real-time, unified communications and collaboration for enterprises. Those...

    Latest version of IBM Sametime is 9.0.1 and it was released on 2016-05-03.

    Tags: Web Conferencing, Teleconferencing, Lotus Software Software, Windows Internet Software, Internet Software For Linux, Instant Messaging Server Software, Symbian Instant Messaging Clients, Videotelephony
  • jabberd14 by Matthias Wimmer

    jabberd14 (formerly known as jabberd) is a cross-platform XMPP server daemon. It is free, licensed under open source JOSL and GPL. jabberd2 was intended to be jabberd 1.4's successor but in 2006 the...

    Latest version of jabberd14 is and it was released on 2007-07-22.

    Tags: Instant Messaging Server Software
  • Messages Server by Apple Inc.

    Messages Server is a component of OS X Server from Apple Inc. It was first introduced as iChat Server with the release of Mac OS X Server 10.4, and was upgraded to version 2 with the release of Mac...

    Tags: Instant Messaging Server Software, Online Chat, Macos, Macos Server
  • Metronome by Marco Cirillo

    Metronome is a light-weight XMPP server written in Lua based on Prosody. It's aimed to provide advanced features and an extensive PubSub and Microblogging over XMPP support while maintaining a low...

    Latest version of Metronome is 3.7 and it was released on March 9, 2015.

    Tags: Instant Messaging Server Software, Free Software Programmed In Lua, Software Using The Isc License
  • Openfire by Ignite Realtime

    Openfire (previously known as Wildfire, and Jive Messenger) is an instant messaging (IM) and groupchat server that uses XMPP server written in Java and licensed under the Apache License...

    Latest version of Openfire is 4.1.3 and it was released on 2017-02-24.

    Tags: Java Platform Software, Instant Messaging Server Software, Free Software Programmed In Java
  • Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite by Oracle Corporation

    Sun Java System Communications Suite is a collection of "Industrial-Strength" software services from Sun Microsystems. The supported platforms are: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris and Windows...

    Tags: Instant Messaging Server Software, Calendaring Software, Message Transfer Agents, Groupware, Sun Microsystems Software
  • Prosody by Prosody dev team

    Prosody (formerly lxmppd) is a cross-platform XMPP server written in Lua. Its development goals include low resource usage, ease of use, and...

    Latest version of Prosody is 0.9.12 and it was released on 2017-01-10.

    Tags: Instant Messaging Server Software, Free Software Programmed In Lua, Software Using The Mit License
  • Skype for Business Server by Microsoft

    Skype for Business Server (formerly Microsoft Office Communications Server and Microsoft Lync Server) is real-time communications server software that provides the infrastructure for enterprise...

    Latest version of Skype for Business Server is 2013 (15.0.4420.1017) and it was released on 2012-10-02.

    Tags: Microsoft Office Servers, Microsoft Server Software, Microsoft Server Technology, Instant Messaging Server Software, Innovative Communications Alliance Products
  • Tigase by Artur Hefczyc

    Tigase is an open source (AGPL3) project started by Artur Hefczyc in October 2004 to develop an XMPP server implementation in Java. Initially the goal was to develop a fully compliant XMPP server...

    Latest version of Tigase is 7.0.3 and it was released on 2014-04-07.

    Tags: Instant Messaging Server Software, Software Using The Gnu Agpl License, Software Using The Gpl License