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Scanner (Software)

Disk space analyzer

Scanner (Software) Description
Scanner is a disk space analyzing and management tool for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It displays the disk space usage of any drive or directory in the form of a multilevel pie chart which can be navigated up and down through the directory tree. When the mouse cursor is placed above a pie the program displays which directory the pie represents, how many files it contains and the overall disk space occupied by it. A context menu allows to open the directory inside the Windows Explorer, hide and un-hide it from the diagram as well as deleting the pie from the disk either via the Recycle Bin or permanently.
Initially released in 1999, it is an early example of the sunburst method of visualising disk usage and inspired the KDE package Filelight.
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Latest version of Scanner (Software) is 2.13 and it was released on 2012-07-12.

Scanner Alternatives

  • DaisyDisk by DaisyDisk Team

    DaisyDisk is a shareware disk space analyzer for OS X. It displays a sunburst diagram of files on a hard drive to help with the location or deletion of large files. It can display previews of files...

    Latest version of DaisyDisk is 4.3.2 and it was released on 2016-12-01.

    Tags: Disk Usage Analysis Software
  • Disk Inventory X

    Disk Inventory X is a disk space analyzer utility for Mac OS X 10.3 and later. Inspired by WinDirStat, it shows the sizes of files and folders in a graphical...

    Latest version of Disk Inventory X is 1.0 and it was released on 2005-10-09.

    Tags: Disk Usage Analysis Software
  • File System Visualizer by Daniel Richard G.

    File System Visualizer, also known as fsv, is a 3D file browser using OpenGL, created by Daniel Richard G. It is a clone of SGI's fsn file manager for IRIX systems, aimed to run on modern Linux and...

    Latest version of File System Visualizer is 0.9 and it was released on 1999-09-08.

    Tags: Disk Usage Analysis Software, File Managers, Free File Managers, Free Software Programmed In C, Linux File Systemrelated Software, Unix File Systemrelated Software, Utilities For Macos
  • Filelight by Max Howell, Martin Sandsmark, et al.

    Filelight is a KDE graphical disk usage analyzer, part of the KDE Utils package, which uses the sunburst chart technique to display disk usage. Instead of showing a tree view of the files within a...

    Latest version of Filelight is 17.04 and it was released on 2015-09-15.

    Tags: Disk Usage Analysis Software, Extragear, Free System Software, Kde, Software That Uses Qt
  • Folder Size by MindGems

    Folder Size is a freemium disk space analyzer for Windows written by MindGems. The product uses a Windows Explorer-like interface that can show data as either a pie chart or bar graph. According to...

    Tags: Disk Usage Analysis Software
  • GrandPerspective by Erwin Bonsma

    GrandPerspective is open source software for Mac OS X used for disk space analysis. The application was ranked #6 in the "50 Mac Essentials" list by Cult of Mac in...

    Latest version of GrandPerspective is 1.9.1 and it was released on 2017-03-05.

    Tags: Disk Usage Analysis Software
  • ncdu by Yoran Heling

    ncdu (NCurses Disk Usage) is a disk utility for Unix systems. Its name refers to its similar purpose to the du utility, but ncdu uses a TUI under the curses programming library.]Users can navigate...

    Latest version of ncdu is 1.12 and it was released on 2016-08-24.

    Tags: Disk Usage Analysis Software, Software Using The Mit License, Free Software Programmed In C, 2007 Software, Curses, Unix File Systemrelated Software, Software That Uses Ncurses
  • OmniDiskSweeper by The Omni Group

    OmniDiskSweeper is a utility by The Omni Group similar to ncdu that recursively searches a filesystem and displays entries sorted by size. It can be used to find and remove unused files in macOS,...

    Latest version of OmniDiskSweeper is 1.9 and it was released on 2014-01-18.

    Tags: The Omni Group, Macosonly Software, Disk Usage Analysis Software
  • Space Gremlin by Sean Christmann

    Space Gremlin is a disk space analysis tool for Mac OS...

    Latest version of Space Gremlin is 1.2 and it was released on 2011-03-01.

    Tags: Disk Usage Analysis Software
  • SpaceSniffer by Uderzo Software

    SpaceSniffer is a freeware computer disc space analyser from Uderzo Software for Microsoft Windows platforms. It uses a treemap to visualise disk...

    Latest version of SpaceSniffer is and it was released on 2016-10-02.

    Tags: Disk Usage Analysis Software
  • TreeSize by JAM Software

    TreeSize is a disk space analyzer written by JAM Software. TreeSize is compatible with Windows 2000 and...

    Tags: Disk Usage Analysis Software
  • TuneUp Utilities by AVG Technologies

    AVG TuneUp, previously called AVG PC Tuneup, and TuneUp Utilities, is a utility software suite for Microsoft Windows designed to help manage, maintain, optimize, configure and troubleshoot a...

    Tags: 1997 Software, Windowsonly Shareware, Proprietary Software, Computer System Optimization Software, Data Erasure Software, Data Recovery Software, Utilities For Windows, Disk Usage Analysis Software
  • WinDirStat by Bernhard Seifert and Oliver Schneider

    WinDirStat is a free and open-source graphical disk usage analyzer for Microsoft Windows. It is notable for presenting a sub-tree view with disk use percentage alongside a usage-sorted list of file...

    Latest version of WinDirStat is 1.1.2 and it was released on 2007-09-02.

    Tags: Free System Software, Disk Usage Analysis Software, Portable Software, 2003 Software