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Sidra Intersection

Micro-analytical traffic evaluation tool for intersection and network design, operations and planning

Sidra Intersection Description
Sidra Intersection (previously called Sidra and aaSidra) is a software package used for intersection (junction) and network capacity, level of service and performance analysis by traffic design, operations and planning professionals. First released in 1984, it has been under continuous development in response to user feedback. A new major version with network modelling capability and new vehicle movement classes was released in April 2013. The latest Version 7 includes new timing analysis methods for Common Control Groups (multiple intersections operating under one signal controller) and Network Cycle Time and Signal Offset calculations for signal coordination.
Sidra Intersection is a micro-analytical traffic evaluation tool that employs lane-by-lane and vehicle drive cycle models. It can be used to compare alternative treatments of individual intersections and networks of intersections involving signalised intersections (fixed-time/pretimed and actuated), roundabouts (unsignalised), roundabouts with metering signals, fully signalised roundabouts, two-way stop and give-way (yield) sign control, all-way (4-way and 3-way) stop sign control, merging, single-point urban interchanges, traditional diamond and diverging diamond interchanges, basic freeway segments, signalised and unsignalised midblock crossings for pedestrians, merging analysis and network modelling of these intersection and interchange types.
Sidra Intersection allows modelling of separate Movement Classes (Light Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles, Buses, Bicycles, Large Trucks, Light Rail/Trams and six User Classes) with different vehicle characteristics. These movements can be allocated to different lanes, lane segments and signal phases; for example for modelling bus priority lanes and signals.
In Australia and New Zealand, Sidra Intersection is endorsed by Austroads. In the USA, Sidra Intersection is recognised by
the US Highway Capacity Manual,TRB/FHWA 2010 Roundabout Guide (NCHRP Report 672) and various roundabout guides.
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Latest version of Sidra Intersection is Sidra Intersection 7 and it was released on 2016.

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