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SPIM Description
SPIM is a MIPS processor simulator, designed to run assembly language code for this architecture.
The program simulates R2000 and R3000 processors, and was written by James R. Larus while a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
The MIPS machine language is often taught in college-level assembly courses, especially those using the textbook Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface by David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy .
The name of the simulator is a reversal of the letters "MIPS".
SPIM simulators are available for Windows (PCSpim), Mac OS X and Unix/Linux-based (xspim) operating systems.
As of release 8.0 in January 2010, the simulator is licensed under the standard BSD license.
In January, 2011, a major release version 9.0 features QtSpim that has a new user interface built on the cross-platform Qt UI framework and runs on Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X.
From this version, the project has also been moved to SourceForge for better maintenance.
Precompiled versions of QtSpim for Linux (32-bit), Windows, and Mac OS X, as well as PCSpim for Windows are provided.
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Latest version of SPIM is 9.1 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2011|07}}.

SPIM Alternatives

  • Command CICS by Ken Dakin,APT Ltd, UK

    Command CICS or Command-CICS is a software product that allows organizations to migrate from "Macro level" CICS to "Command level" CICS without any re-programming so that companies could migrate to...

    Latest version of Command CICS is n/a and it was released on 1993-01-01.

    Tags: Ibm Mainframe Software, System Software, Virtualization Software, Emulation Software
  • SIMH by Robert M. Supnik

    SIMH is a highly portable, multi-system emulator which runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and OpenVMS. It is maintained by Bob Supnik, a former DEC engineer and DEC vice...

    Latest version of SIMH is 3.9 and it was released on 2012-05-03.

    Tags: Free Emulation Software, Linux Emulation Software, Macos Emulation Software, Windows Emulation Software, Emulation Software, Multiemulators