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Synapse Description
Synapse was a component-based development environment for neural networks and adaptive systems. Created by Peltarion, Synapse allows data mining, statistical analysis, visualization, preprocessing, design and training of neural networks and adaptive systems and the deployment of them. It utilizes a plug-in based architecture making it a general platform for signal processing. The first version of the product was released in May 2006.
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Synapse Alternatives

  • DeepArt by DeepArt UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

    DeepArt or is a website that allows users to create unique artistic images by using an algorithm to redraw one image using the stylistic elements of another image. This uses "A Neural...

    Tags: Algorithmic Art, Websites, Neural Network Software, Android Software, Ios Software, Web Applications, 2015 Software
  • EDLUT by University of Granada

    EDLUT (Event-Driven LookUp Table) is a computer application for simulating networks of spiking neurons. It was developed in the University of Granada and source code was released under GNU GPL...

    Tags: Neuroscience Software, Neural Network Software, Software Using The Gpl License, University Of Granada
  • Emergent by University of Colorado at Boulder

    Emergent (formerly PDP++) is neural simulation software that is primarily intended for creating models of the brain and cognitive processes. Development initially began in 1995 at Carnegie Mellon...

    Tags: Neural Network Software, Science Software For Macos, Science Software For Windows, Science Software For Linux, Free Science Software, Software That Uses Qt
  • Encog Machine Learning Framework by Heaton Research, Inc and contributors

    Encog is a machine learning framework available for Java and .Net. Encog supports different learning algorithms such as Bayesian Networks, Hidden Markov Models and Support Vector Machines. However,...

    Latest version of Encog Machine Learning Framework is 3.4.0 and it was released on 2017-09-01.

    Tags: Neural Network Software, Data Mining And Machine Learning Software, Free Science Software, Software Programmed In Java, Free Data Analysis Software
  • Java Object Oriented Neural Engine by The Joone Team

    :For the pornographic film director, see Joone (Director) JOONE (Java Object Oriented Neural Engine) is a component based neural network framework built in...

    Latest version of Java Object Oriented Neural Engine is 1.2.1 and it was released on 2005-09-08.

    Tags: Neural Network Software, Free Software Programmed In Java
  • Neural Designer

    Neural Designer is a software tool for data analytics based on neural networks, a main area of artificial intelligence research. It has been developed from the open source library OpenNN, and...

    Tags: C Software, Data Mining And Machine Learning Software, Deep Learning, Neural Network Software, Proprietary Software That Uses Qt
  • Neuro Laboratory by Scientific Software

    Neuro Laboratory is a shareware scientific computing software for Windows and Linux platforms developed by Scientific Software. The current version is...

    Latest version of Neuro Laboratory is 1.1 and it was released on September, 2006.

    Tags: Science Software For Linux, Neural Network Software, Shareware, Science Software For Windows
  • Neuroph

    Neuroph is an object-oriented neural network framework written in Java. It can be used to create and train neural networks in Java programs. Neuroph provides Java class library as well as GUI tool...

    Latest version of Neuroph is 2.92 and it was released on 2015-09-22.

    Tags: Neural Network Software, Free Software Programmed In Java
  • Open Neural Networks Library

    OpenNN (Open Neural Networks Library) is a software library written in the C++ programming language which implements neural networks, a main area of deep learning research. The library is open...

    Tags: Applied Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Artificial Neural Networks, C Libraries, Data Mining And Machine Learning Software, Deep Learning, Free Software Programmed In C, Machine Learning, Neural Network Software, Open Source Artificial Intelligence, Software Using The Lgpl License
  • Prisma by Prisma Labs, Inc.

    Prisma is a photo-editing application that utilizes a neural network and artificial intelligence to transform the image into an artistic effect. The app was created by Alexey Moiseenkov (Алексей...

    Tags: 2016 Software, Mobile Software, Photo Software, Video Software, Ios Software, Android Software, Neural Network Software, Companies Based In Moscow
  • PSIPRED by University College London, Bioinformatics Group

    PSI-blast based secondary structure PREDiction (PSIPRED) is a method used to investigate protein structure. It uses artificial neural network machine learning methods in its algorithm. It is a...

    Latest version of PSIPRED is 4.01 and it was released on 2016-10-02.

    Tags: Free Bioinformatics Software, Neural Network Software
  • Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator by Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen

    SNNS (Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator) is a neural network simulator originally developed at the University of Stuttgart. While it was originally built for X11 under Unix, there are Windows...

    Latest version of Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator is 4.3 and it was released on 2008-07-06.

    Tags: Neural Network Software