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Creo Description
Creo is a family or suite of design software supporting product design for discrete manufacturers and is developed by PTC. The suite consists of apps, each delivering a distinct set of capabilities for a user role within product development.
Creo runs on Microsoft Windows and provides apps for 3D CAD parametric feature solid modeling, 3D direct modeling, 2D orthographic views, Finite Element Analysis and simulation, schematic design, technical illustrations, and viewing and visualization.
Creo Elements/Pro and Creo Parametric compete directly with CATIA, Siemens NX/Solidedge, and Solidworks. The Creo suite of apps replace and supersede PTC’s products formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER, CoCreate, and ProductView. Creo has many different software package solutions and features. Creo Illustrate is a good example.
PTC began developing Creo in 2009, and announced it using the code name Project Lightning at PlanetPTC Live, in Las Vegas, in June 2010. In October 2010, PTC unveiled the product name for Project Lightning to be Creo. PTC released Creo 1.0 in June 2011.
Creo apps are available in English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional. The extent of localization varies from full translation of the product (including Help) to user interface only.
Creo is part of a broader product development system developed by PTC. It connects to PTC’s other solutions that aid product development, including Windchill for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Mathcad for engineering calculations and Arbortext for enterprise publishing software.
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Latest version of Creo is Creo 3.0 (M110) and it was released on 2016-11-10.

Creo Alternatives

  • AirDrop by Apple Inc.

    AirDrop is an ad-hoc service in Apple Inc.'s macOS and iOS operating systems, introduced in Mac OS X Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) and iOS 7, which enables the transfer of files among supported Macintosh...

    Tags: Macos, Ios, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Macos File Sharing Software
  • Systrip

    Systrip is a visual environment for the analysis of time-series data in the context of biological networks. Systrip gathers bioinformatics and graph theoretical algorithms that can be assembled in...

    Latest version of Systrip is 1.0 and it was released on 27 May 2011.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Science Software For Windows, Linux Software
  • Starling Framework by Gamua

    Starling is an open source game framework used to create 2D games that run both on mobile and desktop platforms. It recreates the traditional Flash display list architecture on top of accelerated...

    Tags: Video Game Development Software, Actionscript, Free Game Engines, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard
  • Ajax Animator by Antimatter15

    Ajax Animator is a free, web-based animation suite. Its development began in March 2006 by Antimatter15, then a sixth grader. Ajax Animator was originally intended to be a free replacement to Flash...

    Latest version of Ajax Animator is 0.20.05 Wave and it was released on 2011-12-31.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Free 2d Animation Software, Free Vector Graphics Editors, Motion Graphics Software For Linux
  • WikiBhasha by Microsoft

    WikiBhasha is a multi-lingual content creation application for the online encyclopedia Wikipedia that must be installed in the...

    Latest version of WikiBhasha is 1.0.1 and it was released on 25.10.2010.

    Tags: Multilingualism, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Translation Software, Wikipedia
  • PerlTidy

    PerlTidy is a tool written in the Perl programming language to do static code analysis against code written in that same language. It uses either command-line switches or configuration files to...

    Latest version of PerlTidy is 20160302 and it was released on 2016-03-02.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Perl, Static Program Analysis Tools, Software Using The Gpl License, Free Software Testing Tools
  • memoQ by Kilgray

    memoQ is a proprietary computer-assisted translation software suite which runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is developed by the Hungarian software company Kilgray Fordítástechnológiai...

    Latest version of memoQ is 8.2 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2017|09}}.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Translation Software, Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing Software
  • TimeCamp by Time Solutions,TimeCamp Inc. (as of 2016)

    TimeCamp is a web-based application launched in 2009 by Kamil Rudnicki, a programmer and founder of Time Solutions, to track the activity of computer users and it is dedicated either to freelancers...

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Task Management Software, Web Applications
  • Nitro

    Nitro is a free collaborative task management application. It can be used as stand-alone or cloud-based environment. It is developed in CoffeScript and therefore can be run on any platform that...

    Latest version of Nitro is 2.1 and it was released on February 2014.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Task Management Software, Free Task Management Software, Free Personal Information Managers, Crossplatform Free Software
  • ISC Kea by Internet Systems Consortium

    Kea is an open-source DHCP server being developed, primarily in C++, by the Internet Systems Consortium, authors of ISC DHCP, also known as DHCPd. Kea and ISC DHCP are both implementations of the...

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Unix Networkrelated Software, Servers
  • Listen to Wikipedia

    Listen to Wikipedia, also known as L2W, is a multimedia visualizer developed by Mahmoud Hashemi and Stephen LaPorte, which translates ] into a display of visuals and sounds. The open source software...

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Wikipedia, Data Visualization Software, Software Using The Bsd License
  • TSheets

    TSheets is employee time tracking software and scheduling software for companies needing to track, manage, and report time. The service runs in a web browser or on mobile phones and integrates with...

    Tags: Timetracking Software, Web Applications, Administrative Software, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Meridian Idaho, Companies Based In Idaho, Proprietary Software
  • Kudos

    Kudos is a cloud-based toolkit to help authors of scholarly content explain and share their publications with the aim of broadening reach and impact. Authors of research publications are able to use...

    Tags: Library And Information Science Software, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard
  • Aanval by Tactical FLEX, Inc.

    Aanval is a commercial SIEM product designed specifically for use with Snort, Suricata, and Syslog data. Aanval has been in active development since 2003 and remains one of the longest running Snort...

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Computer Security Software
  • musically by, Inc (stylized as, with Libyan country code top-level domain .ly, is a Chinese video social network app for video creation, messaging, and live broadcasting. The first prototype...

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, 2014 Software, Android Software, Ios Software, Video Software, Social Networking Services, Companies Based In San Francisco, Companies Based In Shanghai, 2014 Establishments In China, 2014 Establishments In The United States, American Companies Established In 2014, Chinese Companies Established In 2014
  • Harmony by Digital Chaotics

    Harmony is a Java-based software for creating high-definition music videos with 2D and 3D animations. The application was developed by Digital Chaotics, a company based in San Jose, California and...

    Latest version of Harmony is 2.0 and it was released on 2011.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Video Editing Software
  • Enterprise Dynamics by INCONTROL Simulation Solutions

    Enterprise Dynamics is a discrete event simulation software platform developed by INCONTROL Simulation Solutions. It is used to design and implement simulation solutions. The Enterprise Dynamics...

    Tags: Computational Science, Events, Scientific Modeling, Simulation, Simulation Software, Virtual Reality, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard
  • 20sim by Controllab Products B.V.

    20-sim is commercial modeling and simulation program for multidomain dynamic systems, which is developed by Controllab. With 20-sim models can be entered as equations, block diagrams, bond graphs...

    Latest version of 20-sim is 4.6.2 and it was released on {{release date|2016|10}}.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Simulation Software, Scientific Modeling, Diagrams
  • WinHex by X-Ways

    WinHex is a disk editor and a hex editor useful in data recovery and...

    Latest version of WinHex is 18.8 and it was released on 2016-04-23.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Computer Data, Hex Editors, Data Recovery Software
  • The Geochemists Workbench by Aqueous Solutions LLC

    The Geochemist's Workbench (GWB) is an integrated set of interactive software tools for solving a range of problems in aqueous chemistry. The graphical user interface simplifies the use of the...

    Latest version of The Geochemist's Workbench is 11.0 and it was released on April 13, 2016.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Scientific Modeling, Scientific Simulation Software, Geology Software
  • Truecaller by True Software Scandinavia AB

    Developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, Truecaller finds contact details globally given name or telephone number, and has an integrated caller ID service to achieve call-blocking functionality...

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Mobile Software, Android Software, Blackberry Software, Ios Software, Social Networking Services, Swedish Brands
  • Gephi by Mathieu Bastian, Eduardo Ramos Ibañez, Mathieu Jacomy, Cezary Bartosiak, Sébastien Heymann, Julian Bilcke, Patrick McSweeney, André Panisson, Jérémy Subtil, Helder Suzuki, Martin Skurla, Antonio Patriarca

    Gephi is an open-source network analysis and visualization software package written in Java on the NetBeans...

    Latest version of Gephi is 0.9.1 and it was released on 2016-02-14.

    Tags: 2000 Software, Network Theory, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Free Application Software, Graph Drawing Software, Free Data Visualization Software
  • Kune by Comunes Collective, IEPALA Foundation

    Kune is a free/open source distributed social network focused on collaboration rather than just on communication. That is, it focuses on online real-time collaborative editing, decentralized social...

    Latest version of Kune is 1.0.0 (Codename "free-riders") and it was released on 2015-03-18.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Project Hosting Websites, Creative Commonslicensed Websites, Collaborative Projects, Virtual Communities, Online Communities For Social Change, Free Groupware, Free Project Management Software, Multilingual Websites, Community Websites, Social Networking Services, Web Applications, Instant Messaging, Online Chat, Social Information Processing, Groupware, Wikis, Blog Software, Collaborative Realtime Editors, 2012 Software, Electronic Documents, Free Software, Free Software Programmed In Java, Crossplatform Free Software, Internet Properties Established In 2007, Software Using The Gnu Agpl License
  • Briar

    Briar is an open-source software mesh networking technology, intended to provide secure and resilient peer to peer communications with no centralized servers and minimal reliance on external...

    Tags: Internetrelated Activism, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Mesh Networking, Communication Software
  • Pipeline Pilot by Accelrys

    Pipeline Pilot is the authoring tool for the Accelrys Enterprise Platform. It is a scientific visual and dataflow programming language, used in various scientific domains, such as cheminformatics...

    Latest version of Pipeline Pilot is 8.5 CU3 and it was released on {{Start date|2012|05||df=yes/no}}.

    Tags: Science Software, Enterprise Application Integration, Extract Transform Load Tools, Bioinformatics Software, Computational Chemistry Software, Computer Vision Software, Data Analysis Software, Data Mining And Machine Learning Software, Data Visualization Software, Laboratory Software, Mass Spectrometry Software, Natural Language Processing Software, Numerical Software, Plotting Software, Proprietary Software, Visual Programming Languages, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard
  • Apache Allura

    Apache Allura is an open-source forge software for managing source code repositories, bug reports, discussions, wiki pages, blogs and more for any number of individual projects. Allura graduated...

    Latest version of Apache Allura is 1.7.0 and it was released on 2017-06-28.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Bug And Issue Tracking Software, Free Software, Free Software Programmed In Python, Free Project Management Software, Free Wiki Software, Project Management Software, Version Control
  • Couenne

    Convex Over and Under ENvelopes for Nonlinear Estimation (Couenne) is an open source library for solving global optimization problems, also termed mixed integer nonlinear optimization problems. A...

    Tags: Mathematical Optimization Software, Numerical Software, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard
  • SCIP

    SCIP (Solving Constraint Integer Programs) is a mixed integer programming solver and a framework for Branch and cut and Branch and price, developed primarily at Zuse Institute Berlin. Unlike most...

    Latest version of SCIP is 3.2.1 and it was released on 2016-02-29.

    Tags: Mathematical Optimization Software, Numerical Software, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard
  • ChannelGain

    ChannelGain is a product by a company called RateGain. Its main purpose is to facilitate online distribution of room rates, availability, allocation and inventory of rooms for hotels to all their...

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Business Software, Hospitality Management
  • Montage Image Mosaic Software Engine by , , ,

    Montage (full name Montage Astronomical Image Mosaic Engine) is a software toolkit used in astrophotography to assemble astronomical images in Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) format into...

    Latest version of Montage Image Mosaic Software Engine is 4.0 and it was released on 2015-09-30.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Astronomy Software, Science Software
  • HDClone by Miray Software

    HDClone is a disk cloning and backup application by Miray...

    Latest version of HDClone is version 6 and it was released on 2015-09-29.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Disk Cloning, Backup Software
  • Free Studio by DVDVideoSoft Ltd.

    Free Studio is a freeware set of multimedia programs developed by DVDVideoSoft. The programs are available in one integrated package and also as separate downloads ("Free Studio Manager" is included...

    Latest version of Free Studio is and it was released on 2017-03-23.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Windowsonly Freeware, Windows Multimedia Software, Video Conversion Software, Video Software, Editing Software, Video Editing Software, C Software, Proprietary Software That Uses Qt, C Sharp Software, 2008 Software, Download Managers
  • sndio by OpenBSD project

    sndio is the software layer of the OpenBSD operating system that manages the use of sound cards and MIDI ports. It provides an optional sound server and a documented application programming...

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Bsd Software, Openbsd, Application Programming Interfaces, 2008 Software, Audio Libraries, Free Audio Software, Openbsd Software Using The Isc License