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DVD43 Description
DVD43 is a free DVD driver for 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows. As the user guide states, "DVD43 stands for 'DVD For Free'. It acts as a driver for optical drives, disabling zone and copy protection information. It assists in the creation of backup copies of DVDs one legally owns and the use of DVDs outside of the original region of release. It can also be used to copy CDs. In addition it allows upscaling of protected DVDs on analogue monitors under Windows Vista. This product does not directly rip, copy, or convert any media; only assisting other copy and conversion software.
It also allows DVDs to be played over a network, meaning that small media centre PCs without optical drives can use the DVD drive on a server.
For technical reasons DVD43 only operates as a driver for 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows, though it is supported as a plug-in for select programs operating on 64 bit versions of Windows.
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Latest version of DVD43 is 4.6.0 and it was released on 2009-10-23.

DVD43 Alternatives

  • BackupHDDVD

    BackupHDDVD is a small computer software utility program available in command line and GUI versions which aids in the decryption of commercial HD DVD discs protected by the Advanced Access Content...

    Tags: 2006 Software, Dvd Rippers, Video Software, Digital Rights Management Circumvention Software, Proprietary Software
  • CloneDVD by Elaborate Bytes

    CloneDVD is a proprietary DVD cloning software, developed by Elaborate Bytes, that can be used to make backup copies of any DVD movie not copy-protected. The program is able to transcode a dual...

    Tags: Optical Disc Authoring Software, Dvd Rippers, Windowsonly Shareware
  • K9Copy by Jean-Michel Petit

    K9Copy is a free, open source DVD backup and DVD authoring program for Unix-like operating systems such as Linux and BSD. Licensed under the GNU General Public License, K9Copy is free...

    Tags: Kde Software, Dvd Rippers, Optical Disc Authoring Software, Optical Discrelated Software That Uses Qt
  • HandBrake by HandBrake community

    HandBrake is a free and open-source transcoder for digital video files, originally developed in 2003 by Eric Petit (a.k.a. "titer" from his SVN repository username) to make ripping a film from a DVD...

    Latest version of HandBrake is 1.0.7 and it was released on 2017-05-06.

    Tags: Crossplatform Free Software, Dvd Rippers, Free Software Programmed In C, Free Software Programmed In C Sharp, Free Software Programmed In Objectivec, Free Software Projects, Free Video Conversion Software, Macos Multimedia Software, Software That Uses Gstreamer, Software That Uses Gtk, Windows Multimedia Software
  • iRip by The Little App Factory

    iRip (formerly named iPodRip, renamed due to iPod trademark) is a commercial iPod recovery tool for Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It features an iTunes style interface, iPod media...

    Tags: Macos Multimedia Software, Ipod Software, Shareware, Ios Software
  • Poedit by Václav Slavík

    Poedit (formerly poEdit) is a shareware and cross-platform gettext catalog (.po file) editor to aid in the process of language localisation. It is written in C++ and depends on some subclasses from...

    Latest version of Poedit is 2.0.3 and it was released on 2017-07-23.

    Tags: Po Editors, Shareware, Software Using The Mit License, Software That Uses Wxwidgets, Computerassisted Translation Software That Uses Gtk, Computerassisted Translation Software For Linux
  • Jaikoz by Jthink

    Jaikoz is a Java program used for editing and mass tagging music file tags. Jaikoz generates acoustic fingerprints from music files using the AcoustId service, it can then look up the metadata from...

    Latest version of Jaikoz is 9.0.1 and it was released on 2016-11-05.

    Tags: Online Music Database Clients, Shareware, Java Platform Software, Macos Multimedia Software, Windows Multimedia Software, Multimedia Software For Linux, Tag Editors, Acoustic Fingerprinting, Computerrelated Introductions In 2006
  • Media Pro by Phase One

    Phase One Media Pro (formerly Microsoft Expression Media and iView Media Pro) is a commercial digital asset management cataloging program for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X operating systems. It...

    Latest version of Media Pro is and it was released on 2016-08-08.

    Tags: 2006 Software, Image Organizers, Windows Multimedia Software, Macos Multimedia Software, Shareware
  • GoldWave

    GoldWave is a commercial digital audio editing software product developed by GoldWave Inc, first released to the public in April...

    Latest version of GoldWave is Windows 7 (64 bit): 6.24Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 bit): 5.70 and it was released on 2016-07-042013-10-24.

    Tags: Audio Editors, Shareware, Windows Multimedia Software, 1993 Software, Software Companies Of Canada
  • UTAU by Ameya/Ayame

    UTAU is a Japanese singing synthesizer application created by Ameya/Ayame. This program is similar to the Vocaloid software, with the difference that it is shareware instead of being released under...

    Latest version of UTAU is 0.4.18(e) (Windows); 1.0.0 b18 (Mac) and it was released on 2013-09-05.

    Tags: Electronic Musical Instruments, Singing Software Synthesizers, Shareware
  • Twitterrific by The Iconfactory

    Twitterrific is a Mac OS X and iOS client for the social networking site Twitter. The client, created by The Iconfactory, lets users view in real time "tweets" or micro-blog posts on the Twitter...

    Latest version of Twitterrific is 4.5.1 (Mac OS X)5.16.3 (iOS) and it was released on 2013-12-02 (Mac OS X)2017-02-10 (iOS).

    Tags: Macos Internet Software, The Iconfactory, Twitter Services And Applications, Shareware, 2007 Software, Ios Software, Microblogging Software
  • Snapz Pro X by Ambrosia Software

    Snapz Pro X is a utility program for macOS developed by Ambrosia Software. It is designed to record movie-like screenshots of a computer monitor doing various actions, such as a user moving their...

    Latest version of Snapz Pro X is 2.6.1 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2016| October|17}}.

    Tags: Ambrosia Software, Utilities For Macos, Screenshot Software, Shareware
  • Faronics Deep Freeze by Faronics

    Deep Freeze, by Faronics, is a software application available for the Microsoft Windows, and macOS operating systems which allows system administrators to protect the core operating system and...

    Tags: Utilities For Windows, Utilities For Macos, Windows Security Software, Macos Security Software, Shareware
  • XOFTspy Portable AntiSpyware by ParetoLogic

    XOFTspy Portable Anti-Spyware is a proprietary application developed by ParetoLogic Inc. for Microsoft Windows computers. The anti-spyware program is designed to run from a USB drive and protect...

    Latest version of XOFTspy Portable Anti-Spyware is 1.1.0 and it was released on May, 2006.

    Tags: Spyware Removal, Windows Security Software, Windowsonly Software, Shareware
  • Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery by Stellar Data Recovery

    Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a data recovery utility for Mac computers developed by Stellar Data Recovery. This data recovery software is used to recover lost files, video, Photos, etc. from...

    Latest version of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is 7.1 and it was released on 2015-06-06.

    Tags: Data Recovery Software, Hard Disk Software, Shareware
  • Adobe Prelude by Adobe Systems

    Adobe Prelude (successor to the now discontinued Adobe OnLocation) is a tool for Windows and Mac to review, import, log, select, and export tapeless media. The software also offers features like...

    Tags: Adobe Creative Suite, Windows Multimedia Software, Macos Multimedia Software, Shareware, 2012 Software, Proprietary Software, Video Editing Software
  • Lookeen Desktop Search by Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH

    Lookeen is an enterprise search and desktop search product released in 2008 by Axonic Informationssysteme...

    Latest version of Lookeen Desktop Search is and it was released on 2015-11-16.

    Tags: Shareware, Microsoft Officerelated Software, Desktop Search Engines, Search Engine Software, Companies Established In 2003, Products Introduced In 2007, Companies Based In Badenwrttemberg, Software Companies Of Germany
  • BB FlashBack by Blueberry Software

    BB FlashBack is a Windows-based screen recording program, distributed by Blueberry Software. Recently, it was renamed as simply 'FlashBack' It allows the user to add text effects, cut and paste...

    Latest version of BB FlashBack is and it was released on 2014-12-18.

    Tags: Screencasting Software, Windowsonly Freeware, Windowsonly Software, Shareware
  • Camtasia by TechSmith

    Camtasia (formerly Camtasia Studio) is a software suite, created and published by TechSmith, for creating video tutorials and presentations directly via screencast, or via a direct recording plug-in...

    Tags: Screencasting Software, Shareware, Windows Multimedia Software, Macos Multimedia Software
  • Ashampoo Burning Studio by Ashampoo

    Ashampoo Burning Studio is an optical disc authoring program for Microsoft Windows, developed by Ashampoo. Its main advantage is that it is easy to use. However, that is also its weakness: it does...

    Latest version of Ashampoo Burning Studio is 16.0.4 and it was released on 2015-12-17.

    Tags: 1999 Software, Optical Disc Authoring Software, Shareware, Windows Cddvd Writing Software, Windowsonly Software
  • Neuro Laboratory by Scientific Software

    Neuro Laboratory is a shareware scientific computing software for Windows and Linux platforms developed by Scientific Software. The current version is...

    Latest version of Neuro Laboratory is 1.1 and it was released on September, 2006.

    Tags: Science Software For Linux, Neural Network Software, Shareware, Science Software For Windows
  • Nero 2016 by Nero AG

    Nero Multimedia Suite is a software suite for Microsoft Windows that is developed and marketed by Nero AG. Version 2017 of this product was released in October...

    Latest version of Nero 2016 (Nero Multimedia Suite) is 2017 and it was released on {{start date and age|2016|12|df=yes}}.

    Tags: Optical Disc Authoring Software, Shareware, Windows Cddvd Writing Software, Linux Cddvd Writing Software
  • Nero Burning ROM by Nero AG

    Nero Burning ROM, commonly called Nero, is an optical disc authoring program from Nero AG. The software is part of the Nero Multimedia Suite but is also available as a stand-alone product. It is...

    Tags: 1997 Software, Optical Disc Authoring Software, Shareware, Windows Cddvd Writing Software, Linux Cddvd Writing Software
  • Scanitto by Masters ITC Software

    Scanitto Pro is Windows-based software application for image scanning, direct printing and copying, basic editing and text recognition...

    Latest version of Scanitto is 3.17 and it was released on 2017-04-18.

    Tags: Proprietary Software, Image Scanning, Graphics Software, Photo Software, Windows Graphicsrelated Software, Shareware, Optical Character Recognition
  • VueScan by Hamrick Software (Ed Hamrick; David Hamrick)

    VueScan is a computer program for image scanning, especially of photographs, including negatives. It supports optical character recognition (OCR) of text...

    Latest version of VueScan is 9.5.74 and it was released on 2017-04-20.

    Tags: Image Scanning, Graphics Software, Photo Software, Windows Graphicsrelated Software, Macos Graphics Software, Windows Textrelated Software, Macos Textrelated Software, Shareware, Optical Character Recognition
  • Modedit

    Modedit was a MOD file editor (a form of Tracker) for MS-DOS written by Norman Lin and distributed as Shareware in 1991 and 1992. It was notable for being one of the first MOD software available for...

    Latest version of Modedit is Version 3.01 and it was released on late 1992.

    Tags: Dos Software, Shareware, 1991 Software, Audio Trackers
  • PCTalk

    PC-Talk was a communications software program. It was one of the first three widely popular software products sold via the marketing method that became known as shareware. It was originally written...

    Tags: Communication Software, Shareware, Discontinued Software
  • vzRoom by Manipeer Limited

    vzRoom is a software system developed by Manipeer Limited for multi-party video conferencing, media sharing and VoIP phone integration. It was launched in July...

    Tags: 2008 Software, File Sharing Software, Shareware, Videotelephony, Voip Software, Instant Messaging
  • Kaspersky AntiVirus by Kaspersky Lab

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus (Антивирус Касперского (Antivirus Kasperskogo); formerly known as AntiViral Toolkit Pro; often referred to as KAV) is an antivirus program developed by Kaspersky Lab. It is...

    Tags: Antivirus Software, Computer Network Security, 2006 Software, Shareware, Windows Security Software, Macos Security Software, Linux Security Software
  • You Need A Budget by Jesse Mecham

    You Need a Budget (YNAB) (pronounced Y-nab) is a multi-platform personal budgeting program based on the envelope method. In 2013 it was the most popular personal finance software among Lifehacker...

    Tags: 2004 Software, Accounting Software, Shareware
  • Qmodem

    Qmodem was an MS-DOS shareware telecommunications program and terminal emulator. Qmodem was widely used to access bulletin boards in the 1980s and was well respected in the Bulletin Board System...

    Tags: Shareware, Dos Software, Windows Software, Communication Software, Discontinued Software, Terminal Emulators, Free Communication Software, Free Terminal Emulators, Software Clones
  • A86 by Eric Isaacson

    A86 is computer software, a compact commercial assembler developed for the Intel x86 family of microprocessors by Eric Isaacson. It was first made available as shareware in the 1980s. The assembler...

    Latest version of A86 is 4.05 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2006}}.

    Tags: Assemblers, Debuggers, Dos Software, Programming Tools For Windows, Shareware
  • AsEasyAs

    As-Easy-As for DOS and As-Easy-As for Windows was a shareware 32-bit spreadsheet program developed in the mid-1980s for MS-DOS and later for MS Windows. The name is a play on the phrase "as easy as...

    Tags: Dos Software, Spreadsheet Software For Windows, Spreadsheet Software, Shareware, Freeware
  • Outpost Firewall Pro by Agnitum

    Outpost Firewall Pro is a discontinued personal firewall developed by Agnitum (founded in 1999 in St. Petersburg,...

    Latest version of Outpost Firewall Pro is 9.3 (4934.708.2079) and it was released on 2015-12-01.

    Tags: Firewall Software, Russian Inventions, Shareware
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements by Adobe Systems

    Adobe Photoshop Elements is a raster graphics editor for entry-level photographers, image editors and hobbyists. It contains most of the features of the professional version but with fewer and...

    Latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements is 15.0 and it was released on 2016-10-04.

    Tags: Adobe Photoshop, Raster Graphics Editors, Classic Mac Os Software, Windows Graphicsrelated Software, Macos Graphicsrelated Software, 1999 Software, Shareware
  • WALTR by Softorino Inc.

    WALTR direct converter is proprietary software developed by Softorino for converting and transferring music and video files directly onto Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod...

    Latest version of WALTR is 1.7.1 and it was released on 2016-04-16.

    Tags: 2014 Software, Crossplatform Software, Proprietary Software, Ios Software, Macos Multimedia Software, Windows Multimedia Software, Video Conversion Software, Audio Codecs
  • Free AVI Video Converter by DVDVideoSoft Ltd.

    Free AVI Video Converter is a free video conversion program developed by DVDVideoSoft. It is written in C++, and uses .NET Framework for its user...

    Latest version of Free AVI Video Converter is and it was released on 2013-06-10.

    Tags: Free Multimedia Software, Windows Multimedia Software, Video Conversion Software
  • FLVTO by Hotger

    FLVTO is the name of a music-file conversion software, developed by the Russian-based firm Hotger. It is available online directly at the FLVTO site, for desktops and laptops as a program, and also...

    Latest version of FLVTO is and it was released on November 30, 2014.

    Tags: Windows Multimedia Software, Video Conversion Software, Download Managers
  • Any Video Converter by Anvsoft Inc.

    Any Video Converter is a video converter developed by Anvsoft Inc. for Microsoft Windows and macOS. It is available in both a free and paid version. Any Video Converter Windows version has won the...

    Latest version of Any Video Converter is 6.1.8 and it was released on 2017-08-29.

    Tags: Windows Multimedia Software, Macos Multimedia Software, Video Conversion Software
  • eRightSoft SUPER by eRightSoft

    SUPER © (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Recoder) is a closed-source adware front-end for open-source software video players and encoders provided by the FFmpeg, MEncoder, MPlayer, x264,...

    Latest version of eRightSoft SUPER © is v2017.Build.71+3D+Recorder and it was released on 2017-04-07.

    Tags: Windowsonly Freeware, Video Conversion Software, Windows Media Players
  • MediaCoder by Broad Intelligence Technologies

    MediaCoder is a proprietary transcoding program for Microsoft Windows. It has been developed by Stanley Huang since 2005. MediaCoder uses various open source (and several proprietary) audio and...

    Tags: Video Conversion Software, Audio Format Converters, Windowsonly Freeware
  • DVD Flick by Dennis Meuwissen

    DVD Flick is an open source DVD authoring application for Windows developed by Dennis Meuwissen and released under the GNU General Public License. DVD Flick is capable of importing audio tracks,...

    Latest version of DVD Flick is and it was released on 2009-06-26.

    Tags: Free Dvd Burning Software, Video Conversion Software, Windowsonly Free Software
  • XMedia Recode by Sebastian Dörfler

    XMedia Recode is a Freeware video and audio transcoding program for Microsoft Windows developed by Sebastian Dörfler. It can import and export many types of files such as WMV, MP4, MP3, 3GP,...

    Latest version of XMedia Recode is and it was released on 2016-11-10.

    Tags: Video Conversion Software, Video Editing Software, Windows Multimedia Software, Windowsonly Freeware
  • Freemake Video Converter by Ellora Assets Corporation

    Freemake Video Converter is a freemium entry-level video editing app (in spite of its name) developed by Ellora Assets Corporation. The program can be used to convert between video formats, rip...

    Latest version of Freemake Video Converter is 4.1.9 and it was released on 2015-11-25.

    Tags: Video Conversion Software, Windowsonly Freeware, Video Editing Software
  • Windows Media Encoder by Microsoft

    Windows Media Encoder is a freely downloadable and free-of-charge media encoder developed by Microsoft which enables content developers to convert or capture both live and prerecorded audio, video,...

    Latest version of Windows Media Encoder is 9.0 and it was released on 2003-01-07.

    Tags: Streaming Software, Screencasting Software, Windows Multimedia Software, Windowsonly Freeware, Video Editing Software, Video Conversion Software
  • Prism Video Converter by NCH Software

    Prism Video Converter Software (trademarked) is a video conversion software published by NCH Software available for Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems. It offers users the ability to convert...

    Latest version of Prism Video Converter is 2.63 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2016|9|df=yes}}.

    Tags: Multimedia Software, C Software, Windows Multimedia Software, Video Conversion Software, Proprietary Software, Macos Multimedia Software
  • zConvert by Zuvium

    zConvert is a closed-source freeware frontend for ffmpeg / libavcodec. It allows the user to convert between audio and video file...

    Latest version of zConvert is 1.0.1 and it was released on 2010-04-09.

    Tags: Windowsonly Freeware, Video, Windows Multimedia Software, Video Conversion Software
  • Ingest Machine DV by Quadrus Technology

    Ingest Machine DV (formerly known as Quadrus Ingest Machine DV) is a free video ingest software. It runs on Microsoft Windows. This software allows to capture single DV25 video stream directly to...

    Tags: Video Conversion Software
  • DVDStyler by Alex Thüring (SourceForge)

    DVDStyler is a DVD authoring tool. It allows menu creation, buttons, and DVD previews. It is free software under the license GNU GPL. Some users have criticized the inclusion of adware in the...

    Latest version of DVDStyler is 3.0.3 and it was released on 2017-01-01.

    Tags: Free Dvd Burning Software, Video Conversion Software, Portable Software, Software That Uses Wxwidgets
  • FormatFactory by Chen Jun Hao

    FormatFactory is an ad-supported freeware multimedia converter that can convert video, audio, and picture files. It is also capable of ripping DVDs and CDs to other file formats, as well as creating...

    Tags: Audio Format Converters, Graphics Software, Video Conversion Software, Multimedia Software, Windowsonly Freeware
  • WMA Convert by Ramka Ltd.

    WMA Convert is a software created for audio and video files...

    Tags: Windowsonly Software, Audio Software, Data Compression Software, Container Formats, Video Conversion Software
  • Free Studio by DVDVideoSoft Ltd.

    Free Studio is a freeware set of multimedia programs developed by DVDVideoSoft. The programs are available in one integrated package and also as separate downloads ("Free Studio Manager" is included...

    Latest version of Free Studio is and it was released on 2017-03-23.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Windowsonly Freeware, Windows Multimedia Software, Video Conversion Software, Video Software, Editing Software, Video Editing Software, C Software, Proprietary Software That Uses Qt, C Sharp Software, 2008 Software, Download Managers