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Fuel Manager

Fuel management system

Fuel Manager Description
Fuel Manager is a marine fuel management system used to monitor and report fuel usage, with the aim of reducing vessel operator's fuel cost and the harmful emissions. Fuel Manager is developed by Marorka in Iceland. Fuel Manager was released in 2007.
Fuel Manager monitors the propulsion system on-board different types of vessels. It puts operating and environmental parameters in an energy management context. Fuel Manager uses a sophisticated measurement approach to deliver reliable fuel performance information to vessel operators.
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Latest version of Fuel Manager is Fuel Manager 2.7 and it was released on May 2009.

Fuel Manager Alternatives

  • Maren by Marorka

    Maren is a marine energy management system used to minimize fuel usage, thereby reducing vessel operator's fuel cost and the harmful emissions. Maren is developed by Marorka in Iceland. Maren 2 was...

    Latest version of Maren is Maren 2.6 and it was released on April 2008.

    Tags: Energy Conservation, Transport Software
  • Sidra Intersection by Akcelik and Associates Pty Ltd (trading as Sidra Solutions)

    Sidra Intersection (previously called Sidra and aaSidra) is a software package used for intersection (junction) and network capacity, level of service and performance analysis by traffic design,...

    Latest version of Sidra Intersection is Sidra Intersection 7 and it was released on 2016.

    Tags: Road Traffic Management, Transport Software
  • TREDIS by Economic Development Research Group

    Transportation Economic Development Impact System(TREDIS) is a web-based analysis system that is used in planning major transportation investments in the US and Canada. The role of economic impact...

    Tags: Web Applications, Transport Software, Transportation Planning
  • SignPlot by Buchanan Computing Ltd

    SignPlot is a software application for the design of UK traffic signs and their supports and foundations, developed and sold by Buchanan...

    Latest version of SignPlot is 2.6 and it was released on January 2011.

    Tags: Transport Software, Windowsonly Software, Road Transport In The United Kingdom
  • OpenPilot by OpenPilot Team

    OpenPilot was a Free software unmanned aerial vehicle project for model aircraft aimed at supporting both multi-rotor craft as well as fixed-wing aircraft. Initially founded by David Ankers, Angus...

    Latest version of OpenPilot is 15.02.02 and it was released on 2015-07-18.

    Tags: Avionics Computers, Transport Software, Free Software, Opensource Hardware
  • MACS3

    The MACS3.NET Loading Computer System is a computer controlled loading system for commercial vessels, developed by Software Solutions Department of INTERSCHALT maritime systems AG. Prior to...

    Tags: Port Infrastructure, Transport Software
  • CargoMax by Herbert-ABS

    CargoMax is a stability and load management software application for marine and offshore industries. It is developed and sold by Herbert-ABS Software Solutions, LLC. First released in 1979, CargoMax...

    Tags: Transport Software
  • Notam Check by Horizons Aviation

    Notam Check is a software product of Horizons Aviation and is used as part of the flight planning process by pilots. Its function is to download and plot ICAO compliant Notams on to a map of the UK...

    Latest version of Notam Check is 7.01 and it was released on November 2009.

    Tags: Transport Software