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Graphite Description
Graphite is a programmable Unicode-compliant smart-font technology and rendering system developed by SIL International as free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License and the Common Public License.
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Latest version of Graphite is 1.3.10 and it was released on 2017-05-06.

Graphite Alternatives

  • Groff by GNU Project

    Groff (pronounced "gee-roff") (also called GNU troff) is a typesetting system that creates formatted output when given plain text mixed with formatting commands. It is the GNU replacement for the...

    Latest version of Groff is 1.22.3 and it was released on 2014-11-04.

    Tags: Gnu Project Software, Troff, Free Typesetting Software
  • FreeType by David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, Werner Lemberg and FreeType contributors

    FreeType is a popular software development library used to render text onto bitmaps, and provides support for other font-related operations. The FreeType font rasterization engine is free and open...

    Latest version of FreeType is 2.8.1 and it was released on 2017-09-16.

    Tags: Computerrelated Introductions In 2007, C Libraries, Free Typesetting Software, Text Rendering Libraries
  • FIGlet

    FIGlet is a computer program that generates text banners, in a variety of typefaces, composed of letters made up of conglomerations of smaller ASCII characters (see ASCII art). The name derives from...

    Latest version of FIGlet is 2.2.5 and it was released on May 2012.

    Tags: Ascii Art, Free Software Programmed In C, Free Typesetting Software, Crossplatform Software
  • Lout by Jeffrey H. Kingston

    Lout is a batch document formatter invented by Jeffrey H. Kingston. It reads a high-level description of a document similar in style to LaTeX and produces a PostScript file which can be printed on...

    Latest version of Lout is 3.40 and it was released on June 27, 2013.

    Tags: Free Typesetting Software, Typesetting Programming Languages, Functional Programming, Functional Languages
  • LaTeX

    LaTeX ( also pronounced as, a shortening of Lamport TeX) is a document preparation system. When writing, the writer uses plain text as opposed to the formatted text found in WYSIWYG word processors...

    Tags: 1984 Software, Declarative Markup Languages, Free Tex Software, Free Text Editors, Free Typesetting Software, Open Formats, Software Using The Lppl License, Sri International Software
  • Scribus by The Scribus Team

    Scribus is a desktop publishing (DTP) application, released under the GNU General Public License as free software. It is based on the free Qt toolkit, with native versions available for Unix, Linux,...

    Latest version of Scribus is 1.4.6 and it was released on 2016-01-11.

    Tags: Crossplatform Software, Desktop Publishing Software, Desktop Publishing Software For Linux, Dtp For Macos, Dtp For Windows, Free Desktop Publishing Software, Free Educational Software, Free Multilingual Software, Free Pdf Software, Free Software Programmed In C, Free Typesetting Software, Software That Uses Cairo, Software That Uses Qt
  • iText by iText Group NV

    iText is an open source library for creating and manipulating PDF files in Java. iText was written by Bruno Lowagie, Paulo Soares and others. The source code was initially distributed under the...

    Latest version of iText® is 5.5.12 and it was released on 2017-08-18.

    Tags: Free Pdf Software, Free Typesetting Software, Free Software Programmed In C Sharp, Free Software Programmed In Java, Java Platform, Java Libraries, C Sharp Libraries, Software Using The Gnu Agpl License
  • TeX by Donald Knuth

    TeX ( or , see #Pronunciation and spelling|below), stylized within the system as TeX, is a typesetting system (or "formatting system") designed and mostly written by Donald Knuth and released in...

    Latest version of TeX is 3.14159265 and it was released on {{start date and age|df=yes|2014|1}}.

    Tags: Tex, 1978 Software, Desktop Publishing Software, Digital Typography, Donald Knuth, Free Tex Software, Macro Programming Languages, Typesetting Software, Typesetting
  • TJ2

    TJ-2 (Type Justifying Program) was published by Peter Samson in May 1963 and is thought to be the first page layout program. Although it lacks page numbering, page headers and footers, TJ-2 is the...

    Tags: Desktop Publishing Software, Text Editors, Typesetting Software, Typesetting, Word Processors, History Of Software