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Loqu8 Description
Loqu8 is a software company that helps users access and learn information, such as languages and real-time facts. Its products are based on an augmented learning model that was originally developed using cognitive science and information processing research at Caltech and Stanford University. Users interact with the augmented environment by touching the screen or pointing to content with a mouse. A pop-up window immediately displays contextually-relevant information with links to supporting resources. Behind the scenes, the text surrounding the mouse pointer is evaluated and supplemental information (e.g., web search, language translation, images and speech) is presented. Powered by Loqu8’s iNtution engine, the software promises to help users learn information quickly; a pop-up window is displayed in a fraction of a second (typically, 100 milliseconds).
In October 2009, the company previewed real-time visual search at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. The pop-up window showed instant web searches (via Microsoft Bing) and touch screen search using Microsoft Windows 7.
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