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Music and multimedia development

Max Description
Max is a visual programming language for music and multimedia developed and maintained by San Francisco-based software company Cycling '74. During its history, it has been used by composers, performers, software designers, researchers, and artists to create recordings, performances, and installations.
The Max program is modular. Most routines exist as shared libraries. An application programming interface (API) allows third-party development of new routines (named external objects). Thus, Max has a large user base of programmers unaffiliated with Cycling '74 who enhance the software with commercial and non-commercial extensions to the program. Because of its extensible design and graphical user interface (GUI), which represents the program structure and the user interface as presented to the user simultaneously, Max has been described as the lingua franca for developing interactive music performance software.
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Latest version of Max is 7.3.2 and it was released on 2017-02-14.

Max Alternatives

  • DIPS by DIPS Development Group

    DIPS (Digital Image Processing with Sound) is a set of plug-in objects that handle real-time digital image processing in Max/MSP programming environment. Combining with the built-in objects of the...

    Latest version of DIPS is 4.1.1 and it was released on 2009-08-01.

    Tags: Visual Programming Languages, Audio Programming Languages, Computer Graphics, 3d Graphics Software, Educational Programming Languages, Macos
  • Pure Data

    Pure Data (Pd) is a visual programming language developed by Miller Puckette in the 1990s for creating interactive computer music and multimedia works. While Puckette is the main author of the...

    Tags: Audio Programming Languages, Electronic Music Software, Free Audio Software, Software Synthesizers, Visual Programming Languages, Software Using The Bsd License, Free Software Programmed In C
  • Tynker IDE by Tynker

    Tynker is an educational programming platform aimed at teaching kids how to make games and programs. Instead of typing the source code, you visually drag blocks of code and snap them together. The...

    Tags: Visual Programming Languages, Educational Programming Languages, Childrens Websites, Pedagogic Integrated Development Environments, Video Game Development Software, Programming Languages
  • Stencyl by Jonathan Chung

    Stencyl is a game creation platform that allows users to create 2D video games for computers, mobile devices, and the web. The software is available for free, with select publishing options...

    Latest version of Stencyl is 3.4 and it was released on 2017-02-14.

    Tags: Video Game Ide, Video Game Engines, Game Engines For Linux, Video Game Development Software, Visual Programming Languages, Educational Programming Languages, Browserbased Game Websites
  • Windows App Studio by Microsoft

    Windows App Studio, formerly Windows Phone App Studio is a web application provided by Microsoft for Windows app development. It allows users to create apps that can be installed or published to the...

    Tags: Integrated Development Environments, Mobile Software Programming Tools, Visual Programming Languages, Windows Phone Software
  • Illumination Software Creator by Bryan Lunduke

    Illumination Software Creator (Illumination) is a tool for visually designing and developing software, and a corresponding Visual programming language that is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux...

    Tags: Visual Programming Languages, Integrated Development Environments, Linux Integrated Development Environments, Android Development Software, Mobile Software Programming Tools, Ios Software, Macos Programming Tools, Android Software
  • App Inventor for Android by MIT Media Lab, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab

    App Inventor for Android is an open-source web application originally provided by Google, and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It allows newcomers to computer...

    Tags: 2010 Software, Google Services, Integrated Development Environments, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Software, Mobile Software Programming Tools, Visual Programming Languages
  • Ptolemy II by University of California, Berkeley

    The Ptolemy Project is an ongoing project aimed at modeling, simulating, and designing concurrent, real-time, embedded systems. The focus of the Ptolemy Project is on assembling concurrent...

    Latest version of Ptolemy II is 10.0.1 and it was released on 2014-12-17.

    Tags: Free Science Software, Software Projects, Systems Engineering, Visual Programming Languages
  • TOMVIEW by Tomlab Optimization Inc.

    The TOMVIEW Optimization Environment is a platform for solving applied optimization problems in...

    Latest version of TOMVIEW is 2.1 and it was released on 26 Mars 2007.

    Tags: Mathematical Optimization Software, Visual Programming Languages
  • Analytica by Lumina Decision Systems

    Analytica is a visual software package developed by Lumina Decision Systems for creating, analyzing and communicating quantitative decision models. As a modeling environment, it is interesting in...

    Tags: Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Optimization Software, Science Software, Statistical Programming Languages, Visual Programming Languages, Numerical Programming Languages, Numerical Software, Array Programming Languages, Science Software For Windows, Computer Algebra Systems, Operations Research, Plotting Software, Mathematical Optimization
  • Simulink by MathWorks

    Simulink, developed by MathWorks, is a graphical programming environment for modeling, simulating and analyzing multidomain dynamic systems. Its primary interface is a graphical block diagramming...

    Latest version of Simulink is 8.9 (part of R2017a) and it was released on 2017-03-09.

    Tags: Crossplatform Software, Linux Software, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Software, Simulation Programming Languages, Simulation Software, Visual Programming Languages
  • Pipeline Pilot by Accelrys

    Pipeline Pilot is the authoring tool for the Accelrys Enterprise Platform. It is a scientific visual and dataflow programming language, used in various scientific domains, such as cheminformatics...

    Latest version of Pipeline Pilot is 8.5 CU3 and it was released on {{Start date|2012|05||df=yes/no}}.

    Tags: Science Software, Enterprise Application Integration, Extract Transform Load Tools, Bioinformatics Software, Computational Chemistry Software, Computer Vision Software, Data Analysis Software, Data Mining And Machine Learning Software, Data Visualization Software, Laboratory Software, Mass Spectrometry Software, Natural Language Processing Software, Numerical Software, Plotting Software, Proprietary Software, Visual Programming Languages, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard
  • LabVIEW by National Instruments

    Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) is a system-design platform and development environment for a visual programming language from National Instruments. The graphical...

    Latest version of LabVIEW is 2017 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2017|05}}.

    Tags: Numerical Software, Visual Programming Languages, Numerical Programming Languages, Numerical Analysis Software For Linux, Numerical Analysis Software For Macos, Numerical Analysis Software For Windows, Crossplatform Software, Pedagogic Integrated Development Environments, Synchronous Programming Languages, Software Modeling Language
  • PottersWheel by TIKANIS GmbH, Freiburg, Germany

    PottersWheel is a MATLAB toolbox for mathematical modeling of time-dependent dynamical systems that can be expressed as chemical reaction networks or ordinary differential equations (ODEs). It...

    Latest version of PottersWheel is 4.1.1 and it was released on 2017-05-20.

    Tags: Applied Mathematics, Crossplatform Software, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Software, Pharmacokinetics, Visual Programming Languages, Statistical Software, Simulation Software
  • NATO0553d by Netochka Nezvanova

    NATO.0+55+3d was an application software for realtime video and graphics, released by 0f0003 Maschinenkunst in 1999 for the classic Mac OS operating system. Being one of the earliest applications...

    Latest version of NATO.0+55+3d is NATO.0+55+3d.modular and it was released on {{Start date and age|2001}}.

    Tags: Mac Osonly Software, 3d Graphics Software, Live Video Software, Visual Programming Languages, Works Published Under A Pseudonym, 1999 Software
  • EICASLAB by EICAS Automazione S.p.A.

    EICASLAB is a software suite providing a laboratory for automatic control design and time-series forecasting developed as final output of the European ACODUASIS Project IPS-2001-42068 funded by the...

    Tags: Simulation Programming Languages, Visual Programming Languages, Numerical Analysis Software For Linux, Data Analysis Software
  • Alice by Carnegie Mellon University

    Alice is a freeware (for non-commercial purposes) object-based educational programming language with an integrated development environment (IDE). Alice uses a drag and drop environment to create...

    Latest version of Alice is 3.3 and it was released on 2016-08-23.

    Tags: Educational Programming Languages, Educational Software, Visual Programming Languages, Carnegie Mellon University Software, Pedagogic Integrated Development Environments, Video Game Development Software