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Mind Mapping

MindMup Description
MindMup is a mind mapping application written primarily in JavaScript and designed to run in HTML5 browsers. MindMup is released under an MIT-like license with a non-compete clause that restricts use, which makes it non-free software. The source code is available from GitHub.
MindMup has been praised for its simple and intuitive interface and short learning curve and power-user features. It has been recommended for the use in education, in particular due to anonymous access and not requiring account signup to use cloud services.
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MindMup Alternatives

  • Google Keep by Google

    Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. Launched on March 20, 2013, Google Keep is available on the web, and has mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Keep...

    Tags: 2013 Software, Google Software, Android Software, Notetaking Software, Ios Software
  • Comic Seer by Adam Jordan, Xylasoft

    Comic Seer (Desktop) is a Freeware sequential image viewer application for Microsoft Windows and Linux, specifically used for viewing and reading Comic Book Archive files containing image formats,...

    Latest version of Comic Seer (Desktop) is 2.51-3/4, 2.65(metro app,8.99$) and it was released on Dec 2014, Aug 2015(metro app).

    Tags: Image Viewers, 2012 Software, 2013 Software, 2014 Software, Linux Image Viewers, Proprietary Freeware For Linux, Windows Graphicsrelated Software, Graphics Software That Uses Qt
  • VisualEditor by Wikimedia Foundation and Wikia

    VisualEditor (VE) is a project to provide a "visual" or "WYSIWYG-like" online rich-text editor as a MediaWiki extension to Wikipedia. It was developed by the Wikimedia Foundation in partnership with...

    Tags: Mediawiki, Free Software Programmed In Php, 2013 Software, Crossplatform Free Software, Wikipedia, Mediawiki Extensions, Wikia, Free Software Programmed In Javascript, Wikimedia Foundation, Articles Containing Video Clips, Free Html Editors
  • Hoodie by Hoodie Open Source Project

    In computing, Hoodie is an open source JavaScript package, that enables offline first, front-end web development by providing a complete backend infrastructure. It aims to allow developers to...

    Tags: 2013 Software, Crossplatform Free Software, Software Using The Apache License
  • Crosswalk Project

    Crosswalk Project is an open-source web app runtime built with the latest releases of Chromium and Blink from Google. These are also used in Google Chrome. The project's focus is to provide the most...

    Latest version of Crosswalk Project is 23 and it was released on 2016-12-20.

    Tags: 2013 Software, Rich Internet Application Frameworks, Free And Opensource Android Software, Android Development Software, Free Software Programmed In C, Crossplatform Free Software, Software Using The Bsd License, Google Software, Software Based On Webkit, Google Chrome
  • Twimight by Theus Hossmann, Paolo Carta, Franck Legendre, Dominik Schatzmann, and others

    Twimight is an open source Android client for the social networking site Twitter. The client lets users view in real time "tweets" or micro-blog posts on the Twitter website as well as publish their...

    Latest version of Twimight is 0.9.3 and it was released on 2013-04-16.

    Tags: Free Mobile Software, Mobile Social Software, Free And Opensource Android Software, Android Software, Twitter Services And Applications, 2013 Software, Wireless Networking, Microblogging Software, Geosocial Networking
  • GNU Guix

    GNU Guix is a package manager for the GNU System. It is based on the Nix package manager with Guile Scheme APIs and specializes in providing exclusively free...

    Latest version of GNU Guix is 0.13.0 and it was released on 2017-05-22.

    Tags: 2013 Software, Free Package Management Systems, Free Software Programmed In Lisp, Functional Programming, Gnu Project Software, Linux Package Managementrelated Software
  • InfluxDB by InfluxData

    InfluxDB is an open-source time series database developed by InfluxData. It is written in Go and optimized for fast, high-availability storage and retrieval of time series data in fields such as...

    Latest version of InfluxDB is v1.3 and it was released on 2017-07-20.

    Tags: 2013 Software, Software Using The Mit License, Structured Storage, Time Series Software
  • MixBit by MixBit, Inc.

    MixBit is a video-sharing service that was created by two of the three co-founders of YouTube, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. It started on August 8, 2013. MixBit's website lets users create dynamic...

    Tags: Internet Companies Of The United States, Companies Based In San Mateo California, Android Software, Ios Software, Video Software, 2013 Software, Windows Phone Software
  • Vine by Vine Labs, Inc. (Twitter)

    Vine was a short-form video hosting service where users could share six-second-long looping video clips. The service was founded in June 2012, and American microblogging website Twitter acquired it...

    Tags: Internet Properties Established In 2013, Internet Properties Disestablished In 2017, Android Software, Ios Software, Twitter Acquisitions, Video Software, Twitter Services And Applications, Social Networking Services, 2013 Software, Universal Windows Platform Apps, Xbox One Software, Proprietary Crossplatform Software
  • Google Web Designer by Google

    Google Web Designer is a program for Windows, Mac and Linux from Google for creating interactive HTML5 ads and other HTML5 content. It offers a GUI with common design tools, such as a Text tool that...

    Latest version of Google Web Designer is - Shell Build (Mac/Win), (Linux) and it was released on 2015-11-02.

    Tags: Web Development Software, 2013 Software, Google Software
  • Tox

    Tox is a peer-to-peer instant-messaging and video-calling protocol that offers end-to-end encryption. The stated goal of the project is to provide secure yet easily accessible communication for...

    Tags: 2013 Software, Android Software, Crossplatform Software, Distributed Computing, Free Software Programmed In C, Instant Messaging Clients, Instant Messaging Clients For Linux, Instant Messaging Clients That Use Gtk, Ios Software, Macos Instant Messaging Clients, Secure Communication, Videotelephony, Voip Services, Voip Software, Windows Instant Messaging Clients
  • Google Hangouts by Google

    Google Hangouts is a communication platform developed by Google which includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features. It replaces three messaging products that Google had implemented...

    Tags: Instant Messaging Clients, Telecommunication Services, Voip Services, Voip Software, Ios Software, Android Software, Crossplatform Software, 2013 Software, Google Software
  • Swell by

    Swell Radio was a mobile radio streaming application that learned user listening preferences based on listening behavior, community filtering, and a proprietary algorithm. Originally designed for...

    Tags: Streaming Media Systems, Ios Software, Podcasting Software, 2013 Software
  • Afterlight by Afterlight Collective, Inc.

    Afterlight (previously known as Afterglow) is an image editing app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Similar with most image-editing apps, Afterlight allows the user to take a photo or...

    Latest version of Afterlight is 1.0.6 and it was released on November 2014.

    Tags: 2013 Software, Photo Software, Android Software, Ios Software, Windows Software, Windows Phone Software
  • Darling

    Darling is a free and open source software application that aims to allow applications designed for macOS to run on the Linux operating system. Darling is a compatibility layer, like Wine. It...

    Tags: Compatibility Layers, Free System Software, Linux Emulation Software, Free Software Programmed In C, 2013 Software
  • Lantern4

    Lantern is a free peer-to-peer internet censorship circumvention tool, used for casual web browsing. It provides a way to bypass state-sanctioned filtration through a network of trusted users, but...

    Tags: Anonymity Networks, Proxy Servers, Free Networkrelated Software, 2013 Software, Internet In China, Software Using The Apache License
  • Syncthing by Jakob Borg et al.

    Syncthing is a free, open-source peer-to-peer file synchronization application available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Solaris, Darwin, and BSD. It can sync files between devices on a local...

    Latest version of Syncthing is 0.14.37 and it was released on 2017-09-05.

    Tags: Data Synchronization, 2013 Software, Crossplatform Free Software, Free File Sharing Software, Free Software Programmed In Go, Free Storage Software, Software Using The Mozilla License
  • OpenH264 by Ethan Hugg at Cisco Systems

    OpenH264 is a free software library for real-time encoding and decoding video streams in the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format. It is released under the terms of the Simplified BSD...

    Tags: 2013 Software, C Libraries, Cisco Software, Free Video Codecs, Free Video Software, Software Written Primarily In Assembly Language
  • Slack by Slack Technologies

    Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services, founded by Stewart Butterfield. Slack began as an internal tool used by their company, Tiny Speck, in the development of Glitch,...

    Tags: 2013 Software, Android Software, Collaborative Software, Ios Software, Linux Software, Macos Software, Project Management Software, Task Management Software, Windows Phone Software, Windows Software
  • Decima by {{unbulleted list|Guerrilla Games|Kojima Productions}}

    Decima is a proprietary game engine developed by Guerrilla Games, released on November 15, 2013. It houses tools and features for creating artificial intelligence, physics, logics and worlds within...

    Tags: 2013 Software, Video Game Engines, 3d Graphics Software, Global Illumination Software
  • RaySupreme 3D by BrainDistrict Gmbh

    RaySupreme is a 3D modeling and rendering software developed by BrainDistrict GmbH of Cologne, Germany. RaySupreme is a 3D program that is the development environment for a new technology known as...

    Latest version of RaySupreme 3D is 1.53 and it was released on 2014-02-11{{Citation needed|date=May 2014}}.

    Tags: 3d Graphics Software, 2013 Software
  • Stride by Atlassian

    Stride is a cloud-based team business communication and collaboration tool, launched by Atlassian on 7 September 2017 to replaced the cloud-based version of HipChat. Stride software is available to...

    Tags: Web Applications, Chat Websites, Instant Messaging, Atlassian Products, Business Chat Software, 2013 Software, Android Software, Collaborative Software, Ios Software, Linux Software, Macos Software, Task Management Software, Windows Phone Software, Windows Software
  • Telegram by Telegram Messenger LLP

    Telegram is a proprietary, gratis, non-profit cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram client apps exist for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS and Linux. Users can send messages...

    Tags: 2013 Software, Android Software, Communication Software, Crossplatform Software, Instant Messaging Clients, Ios Software, Linux Software, Software That Uses Qt, Windows Phone Software
  • MovieRide FX by Waterston Entertainment

    MovieRide FX is a patent pending automated special visual effects video compositing engine used in the MovieRide FX mobile application for Android (requires Android 2.3 or later) and iOS (compatible...

    Tags: Android Software, Ios Software, 2013 Software, Crossplatform Mobile Software, Mobile Applications, Compositing Software, Mobile Video Editing Software, Science And Technology In South Africa
  • Dia by Dia developers

    Dia is free and open source general-purpose diagramming software, developed originally by Alexander Larsson. Dia uses a controlled single document interface (SDI) similar to GIMP and...

    Tags: Concept And Mindmapping Software For Linux, Crossplatform Free Software, Crossplatform Software, Diagramming Software, Free Diagramming Software, Free Software Programmed In C, Free Uml Tools, Free Vector Graphics Editors, Gnome Applications, Office Software That Uses Gtk, Portable Software, Unix Software, Vector Graphics Editors For Linux, Windows Graphicsrelated Software
  • ownCloud by ownCloud GmbH, Community

    ownCloud is a suite of client-server software for creating file hosting services and using them. ownCloud is functionally very similar to the widely used Dropbox, with the primary functional...

    Latest version of ownCloud is 10.0.3 and it was released on 2017-09-15.

    Tags: Cloud Storage, Free Software For Cloud Computing, Free Software Programmed In Javascript, Free Software Programmed In Php, Software Using The Gnu Agpl License, Companies Based In Lexington Massachusetts
  • Nextcloud by Nextcloud GmbH., Community

    Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services. It is functionally similar to Dropbox, although Nextcloud is free and open-source, allowing anyone to...

    Latest version of Nextcloud is 12.0.3 and it was released on 2017-09-20.

    Tags: Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, File Hosting, Free Software For Cloud Computing, Free Software Programmed In Javascript, Free Software Programmed In Php, Nextcloud, Software Using The Gnu Agpl License
  • pumpio (pronounced "pump eye-oh") is a general purpose activity streams engine that can be used as a federated social networking protocol which "does most of what people really want from a social...

    Latest version of is 4.1.2 and it was released on 2017-07-15.

    Tags: Free Software Programmed In Javascript, Social Networking Services, Web Applications, Microblogging Software, Distributed Computing
  • ShiftSpace

    ShiftSpace is an open source metaweb or web annotation application and framework that allows altering web pages with different tools. The tagline of the application is "an open source layer above...

    Latest version of ShiftSpace is 0.17 and it was released on 2011-05-31.

    Tags: Community Websites, Mozilla Addons, Free Web Software, Free Software Programmed In Javascript, Social Information Processing, 2006 Software, Discontinued Software
  • PlayCanvas by Will Eastcott, Dave Evans, Vaios Kalpias-Illias, Kevin Rooney, Maksims Mihejevs

    PlayCanvas is an open source 3D game engine/interactive 3D application engine alongside a proprietary cloud-hosted creation platform that allows for simultaneous editing from multiple computers via...

    Tags: Cloud Applications, Collaborative Realtime Editors, Crossplatform Free Software, Free 3d Graphics Software, Free Game Engines, Free Software Programmed In Javascript, Graphics Libraries, Iphone Video Game Engines, Software Using The Mit License, Video Game Development Software, Video Game Engines, Web Applications, Web Development, Web Development Software, Web Software, Webgl
  • Visual Mind by Mind Technologies

    Visual Mind is mind mapping software that allows users to capture and organize information in a visual manner. The result is electronic "mind maps" that provides both overview and details in the...

    Tags: Mindmapping Software
  • MindMeister by MeisterLabs GmbH

    MindMeister is a collaborative mind mapping app that allows its users to visualize their thoughts in the cloud. MindMeister has been developed by MeisterLabs GmbH, a software company founded by...

    Tags: Knowledge Representation Software, Mindmapping Software
  • Mindomo

    Mindomo is an online collaborative mind mapping, concept mapping and outlining software for visualizing and organizing information. As a freemium software, Mindomo offers its basic services for...

    Tags: Mindmapping Software, Notetaking Software
  • MindManager by Mindjet

    MindManager is a commercial mind mapping software application developed by Mindjet. The software provides ways for users to visualize information in mind maps and flowcharts. MindManager can be used...

    Latest version of MindManager is MindManager 2016 for Windows; 10 (Mac) and it was released on 2015-11-01.

    Tags: Mindmapping Software, Windows Software, Classic Mac Os Software, 1994 Software
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP by Computer Systems Odessa

    ConceptDraw MINDMAP is proprietary mind mapping and brainstorming software developed by CS Odessa for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS operating systems. The mind mapping technology of visual...

    Latest version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP is 9 and it was released on January 2017.

    Tags: Office Suites For Windows, Office Suites For Macos, Mindmapping Software
  • 2plan Desktop and 2plan Team by 2-plan GmbH

    2-plan project management software consists of three project management tools. One is the 2-plan Desktop, "a free program for desktop scheduling" and other project manager related tasks. The second...

    Tags: Project Management Software, Mindmapping Software, Business Software For Linux
  • TheBrain by TheBrain Technologies

    TheBrain, formerly branded PersonalBrain, is a mind mapping and personal knowledge base software from TheBrain Technologies. It uses a dynamic graphical interface that maps hierarchical and network...

    Latest version of TheBrain is and it was released on Feb 9, 2016.

    Tags: Mindmapping Software
  • OmniGraffle by The Omni Group

    OmniGraffle is a diagramming and digital illustration application for macOS and iOS created by The Omni...

    Latest version of OmniGraffle is 7.2.2 for macOS, 2.8.1 for iOS and it was released on for macOS 2016-12-07, for iOS 2017-01-09.

    Tags: The Omni Group, Diagramming Software, Macosonly Software, Mindmapping Software, Vector Graphics Editors
  • MindMapper by SimTech Systems

    MindMapper is a Microsoft Windows-based visual mapping program developed by SimTech Systems, that allows users to create mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, organizational charts, process maps,...

    Latest version of MindMapper is v16,8005 and it was released on February,2016.

    Tags: Concept Mapping Software, Mindmapping Software
  • Compendium by Compendium Institute

    Compendium is a computer program and social science tool that facilitates the mapping and management of ideas and arguments. The software provides a visual environment that allows people to...

    Tags: Argument Mapping, Collaborative Software, Java Platform Software, Mindmapping Software, Notetaking Software, Free Qda Software, Free Software Programmed In Java, Concept And Mindmapping Software Programmed In Java
  • 3D Topicscape

    3D Topicscape, a software application, is a Personal Information Manager that provides a template loosely based on mind-mapping or concept mapping. It presents the mind map as a 3D scene where each...

    Latest version of 3D Topicscape is 2.7 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2010|4}}.

    Tags: Personal Information Managers, Mindmapping Software, Concept Mapping Software, Windowsonly Software
  • Qiqqa

    Qiqqa (pronounced "Quicker") is a freeware and freemium reference management software that allows researchers to work with thousands of PDFs. It combines PDF reference management tools, a citation...

    Latest version of Qiqqa is Qiqqa v79 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2016|09}}.

    Tags: Bibliography, Bibliography File Formats, Bibtex, Content Management Systems, Document Management Systems, Educational Software, Free Bibtex Software, Free Notetaking Software, Free Reference Management Software, Library 20, Library And Information Science Software, Metadata, Mindmapping Software, Notetaking Software, Optical Character Recognition, Pdf Readers, Qda Software, Qualitative Research, Reference, Reference Management Software, Software That Uses Xul