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Nokia Store Description
The Nokia Store (earlier Ovi Store) was launched worldwide in May 2009. Here, customers could download mobile games, applications, videos, images, and ringing tones to their Nokia devices. Some of the items were free of charge; others could be purchased using credit card or through operator billing in selected operators. The content in Ovi Store was sorted into the following categories:
* Featured (previously recommended)
* Games
* Personalise
* Applications
* Audio & video
Ovi Store was intended to offer customers content that was compatible with their mobile devices and relevant to their tastes and locations. Customers could share recommendations with their friends, see what they are downloading, and let them see items of interest.
For content publishers, Nokia offers a self-service tool to bring their content to the Ovi Store. Supported content types include: Java ME, Flash applications, widgets, ringtones, wallpapers, themes, and more for Nokia Series 40 and S60 devices and also Symbian^3. Nokia offers a 70% revenue share of gross sales, net of refunds and returns, less applicable taxes and, where applicable, fixed operator billing costs.
Ovi Store replaces the older Nokia services, Widsets, Download!, and MOSH. The daily number of downloads reached 10 million in August 2011. Despite the recent decision for Nokia to use Windows Phone 7 as their primary Operating system, Ovi store was still available to Symbian phones, whereas Ovi store and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace were merged on the Windows Phone 7 platform.
There were 116,583 apps as of December 2011.
The Ovi store also looked different on Symbian handsets to suit the new brand transformation. It was blue instead of green and the Ovi store was the third biggest mobile download site on the market (behind Apple's App Store and Google Play) in 2012.
It was renamed to Nokia Store in 2012. From 2014, developers were no longer able to publish new apps and app updates for the Symbian and MeeGo platforms to Nokia Store. Prior to the Ovi Store Nokia used Nokia Download! a desktop application for downloading content to your mobile phone. Microsoft officially stopped accepting new applications to the Nokia Publish service and new registrations to the Nokia Publish and Nokia Developer websites since the 18th of February 2015, and officially retired the Nokia Developer site in March 2015 and encouraged developers to go to the MSDN and Windows Developer site to develop applications for Windows Phone and Windows.
Microsoft discontinued Nokia Store in 2015, and users were transitioned to Opera Mobile Store as the new application store for legacy Nokia devices.
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Nokia Store Alternatives

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  • Maliit by Jan Arne Petersen and contributors

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  • Sports Tracker by Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd.

    Sports Tracker, earlier Nokia Sports Tracker was originally a software tool for Symbian Series 60 phones (particularly those that included a GPS facility such as the Nokia N95, or bluetooth phones...

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  • Microsoft Mathematics by Microsoft

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    Latest version of Microsoft Mathematics is 4.0.1108.0000 and it was released on 2011-01-11.

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  • Nokia Suite by Microsoft Mobile

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    Latest version of Nokia Suite is 3.8.54 and it was released on 2016-11-19.

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  • Mobile Web Server by Apache Software Foundation, Nokia Research

    A Mobile Web Server is url= Server]] designed for modern-day smartphones to host personal web servers, through the use of open sourced software, such as, i-jetty, an open source software, based on...

    Latest version of Mobile Web Server is 1.5 and it was released on 2008-11-18.

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  • 1legcall by TalkFree, Inc

    1legcall, is a mobile VoIP dialer that works on most Nokia...

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  • Nokia Lifeblog by Nokia Corporation

    Nokia Lifeblog was a multimedia diary and website administration tool that automatically collects all the photos, videos, and sound clips that the user creates on the mobile phone, text messages and...

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