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StoryBoard Quick

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StoryBoard Quick Description
StoryBoard Quick is a storyboarding software application for creating and editing digital storyboards for non-graphic artists. Used primarily in the film and TV industry by film directors, producers, writers, commercial production companies and educators to produce a visual layout of media projects for communicating with crews and/or clients before commencing the main production process.
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Latest version of StoryBoard Quick is v.6.1 and it was released on Feb 2016.

StoryBoard Quick Alternatives

  • FrameForge Previz Studio by Innoventive Software

    The Emmy Award Winning FrameForge Previz Studio (formerly FrameForge 3D Studio) is previsualization storyboard software for directors/Videographer/VFX supervisor and other creatives in the fields of...

    Latest version of FrameForge Previz Studio is Version 3.6 and it was released on March, 2016.

    Tags: Film Production Software
  • Doddle by Mobile Imagination

    Doddle is a mobile app (available for iPhone and Android) that provides a mobile production guide to the video, film and audio production industries. The application is available for download from...

    Latest version of Doddle is 1.1 May 2010 and it was released on 2010-04-12.

    Tags: Ios Software, Film Production Software, Android Software, Video Production Companies