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Vocaloid 4

Vocal Synthesizer Application

Vocaloid 4 Description
Vocaloid 4 is a singing voice synthesizer and successor to Vocaloid 3 in the Vocaloid series.
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Vocaloid 4 Alternatives

  • Symphonic Choirs by East West, Quantum Leap

    Symphonic Choirs is a vocal synthesizer and vocal library software. It was made by...

    Latest version of Symphonic Choirs is 2.1.1 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2010}}.

    Tags: Speech Synthesis Software, Singing Software Synthesizers
  • Automatik Text Reader by Davide Baldini

    Automatik Text Reader is a free and open source plug-in for Firefox providing text-to-speech functions available from the Mozilla Add-ons collection. It supports multiple languages and accents and...

    Latest version of Automatik Text Reader is 2.3 and it was released on 2015-03-14.

    Tags: Speech Synthesis Software, Free Speech Synthesis Software
  • AlterEgo by Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc.

    Alter/Ego (アルター・エゴ) is a free real-time vocal synthesizer software which was created by...

    Tags: Speech Synthesis Software, Singing Software Synthesizers