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Application launcher (utility software)

AccessApps Description
AccessApps is an initiative supported by the Jisc Regional Support Centres (RSC) and JISC TechDis. It consists of over 50 open source and freeware Microsoft Windows applications, running from a USB stick. AccessApps provides a range of solutions to support writing, reading and planning as well as sensory, cognitive and physical difficulties.
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AccessApps Alternatives

  • Puddletag

    Puddletag is an audio tag (metadata) editor for audio file formats. Under the hood it utilizes Mutagen, a Python module to handle audio metadata. Mutagen supports ASF, FLAC, M4A, APE, MP3, MPC, Ogg...

    Tags: 2008 Software, Audio Software That Uses Qt, Free Software Programmed In Python, Tag Editors, Tag Editors For Linux, Tag Editors That Use Qt