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Image Calibration, Aligning and Stacking

IRIS Description
IRIS is an astronomical image processing software. IRIS is free for non-commercial usage.
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Latest version of IRIS is 5.59 and it was released on 2010 June 24.

IRIS Alternatives

  • WorldWide Telescope by Microsoft Research,.NET Foundation,American Astronomical Society

    WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is an open source set of applications, data and cloud services, originally created by Microsoft Research but now an open source project hosted on GitHub. The .NET...

    Latest version of WorldWide Telescope is 5.5 and it was released on 2016-06-15.

    Tags: 2008 Software, Astronomy Software, Beta Software, Microsoft Research

    STARMAD (space tool for advanced and rapid mission analysis and design) deals with the latest trend in the space industry is towards space missions, spacecraft, systems and products, which require...

    Latest version of STARMAD is 3.2.0 and it was released on January 1, 2011.

    Tags: Aerospace Engineering Software, Systems Engineering, Project Management, Astronomy Software, Mathematical Software, Physics Software, Space Science, Spaceflight, Mathematical Optimization, Business Software For Windows
  • Starry Night by Simulation Curriculum Corp.

    Starry Night is a commercial planetarium software package, available for macOS and Microsoft Windows. Starry Night focuses heavily on providing attractive, realistic imagery, although recent...

    Latest version of Starry Night is 7.5.6 and it was released on 2017-04-07.

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Science Software For Macos, Science Software For Windows, Classic Mac Os Software
  • SpaceEngine by Vladimir Romanyuk

    SpaceEngine (stylized as "Space Engine") is a proprietary 3D astronomy program and game engine developed by Russian astronomer and programmer Vladimir Romanyuk. It creates a three-dimensional...

    Latest version of SpaceEngine is and it was released on 30 July 2016.

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Science Software For Windows, Steam Greenlight Games, Video Game Engines, Articles Containing Video Clips
  • TheSky by Software Bisque

    TheSky is an astronomy application designed to be used for educational and observational purposes. TheSky provides an extensive feature set including the following: *The display of star charts...

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Science Software For Macos, Science Software For Windows
  • OrbitVis

    Orbit-Vis is an orbit simulation program which is designed to allow users to simulate a satellite in any orbit around the Earth, and to give the user data on the position and motion of the satellite...

    Tags: Science Software For Windows, Astronomy Software, Free Software, Computational Astronomy, Free Science Software, Free Astronomy Software, Science Education Software, Computational Physics, Space Science, Physics Software
  • KStars by KDE developers

    KStars is a planetarium program using the KDE Platform. It can be used on most Unix-like computer operating systems, as well as on the Microsoft Windows platform using 'KDE for Windows'. It provides...

    Latest version of KStars is 2.7.8 and it was released on 2017-05-18.

    Tags: Kde Software, Astronomy Software, Free Astronomy Software, Planetarium Software For Linux, Kde Education Project, Science Education Software, Free Educational Software, Software That Uses Qt, Science Software, Linux Software, Free And Opensource Software
  • Marble by KDE

    Marble is a virtual globe application which allows the user to choose among the Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars and other planets to display as a 3-D model. It is free software under the terms of the...

    Latest version of Marble is 2.2.0 (Part of KDE Applications 17.04) and it was released on 2018-12-04.

    Tags: 2006 Software, Astronomy Software, Earth Sciences Graphics Software, Educational Software For Linux, Educational Software For Macos, Educational Software For Windows, Free Educational Software, Free Science Software, Free Software Programmed In C, Geography Education Software, Kde Education Project, Keyhole Markup Language, Maps, Openstreetmap, Remote Sensing, Route Planning Software, Software That Uses Qt, Virtual Globes
  • IRAF by NOAO

    IRAF (Image Reduction and Analysis Facility) is a collection of software written at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) geared towards the reduction of astronomical images in pixel...

    Latest version of IRAF is 2.16 and it was released on 22 March 2012.

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Crossplatform Software
  • Digital Universe Atlas by American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium,National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    Digital Universe Atlas is a free open source software planetarium application, available under the terms of the Illinois Open Source License, and running on Linux, Windows, macOS (10.5 and above),...

    Tags: Amigaos 4 Software, Astronomy Software, Free Astronomy Software, Planetarium Software For Linux, Science Software For Macos, Science Software For Windows, Software Using The Ncsa License
  • AIPS by NRAO

    The Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS) is a software package to support the reduction and analysis of data taken with radio telescopes. Developed predominantly for use with the then...

    Tags: Radio Astronomy, Interferometry, Astronomical Imaging, Astronomy Software, Fortran Software
  • ASTOS by Astos Solutions GmbH

    ASTOS is a tool dedicated to mission analysis, Trajectory optimization, vehicle design and simulation for space scenarios, i.e. launch, re-entry missions, orbit transfers, Earth observation,...

    Latest version of ASTOS is 8.0.6 and it was released on 2015-12-07.

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Mathematical Software, Physics Software, Mathematical Optimization Software
  • STK by Analytical Graphics, Inc.

    Systems Tool Kit (formerly Satellite Tool Kit), often referred to by its initials STK, is a physics-based software package from Analytical Graphics, Inc. that allows engineers and scientists to...

    Latest version of STK is 11.1 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2016|06}}.

    Tags: 1989 Software, 3d Graphics Software, Astronomy Software, Mathematical Software, Physics Software
  • XEphem by Elwood C. Downey

    XEphem is a Motif based ephemeris and planetarium program for Unix-like operating systems developed by Elwood C....

    Latest version of XEphem is 3.7.7 and it was released on 2015-08-09.

    Tags: Planetarium Software For Linux, Science Software For Macos, Astronomy Software
  • WinStars by Richard Franck

    WinStars is an ASCOM standard-compliant shareware planetarium, ephemeris and solar system simulator developed by Richard Franck for the Microsoft Windows operating system. WinStars includes the...

    Latest version of WinStars is 2.079 R3 and it was released on 2011-07-06.

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Science Software For Windows
  • TellStar by Scharf Software Systems, Inc.

    TellStar was the first graphical astronomy program ever available for personal computers. It was sold from 1980-1986 by Scharf Software Services, and was available for the Apple II and IBM PC...

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Apple Ii Software
  • SOFA software libraries

    The SOFA (Standards of Fundamental Astronomy) software libraries are a collection of subroutines that implement official International Astronomical Union algorithms for astronomical...

    Latest version of SOFA software libraries is 2017-04-20 and it was released on 2017-04-20.

    Tags: Celestial Mechanics, Celestial Coordinate System, Numerical Software, Astronomy Software
  • SkyTools by Skyhound

    SkyTools is an observation-planning program for amateur astronomers, running under Windows. Unlike most astronomy software, SkyTools is not a planetarium but instead is centred on a database of...

    Latest version of SkyTools is 3.0a and it was released on 2008-12-17.

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Science Software For Windows
  • RegiStax by Cor Berrevoets

    RegiStax is image processing software for amateur astrophotographers, released as freeware, designed to run under Windows, but which also runs on Linux, under wine. Its purpose is to produce...

    Latest version of RegiStax is 6.1.08 and it was released on 6 May 2011.

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Science Education Software
  • NOVAS by United States Naval Observatory

    The Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Software (NOVAS) is a software library for astrometry-related numerical computations. It is developed by the Astronomical Applications Department, United...

    Latest version of NOVAS is C3.1 (C version); F3.1 (Fortran version); Python Edition 3.1.1 and it was released on March 31, 2011 (C); March 31, 2011 (FORTRAN); October 13, 2015 (Python).

    Tags: Astrometry, Astronomy Software, Science Software, Beta Software, United States Naval Observatory
  • OpenUniverse

    OpenUniverse is a 3D Solar System simulator created by Raúl Alonso Álvarez. It allows the user to travel both in space and time through a fairly accurate representation of the Solar System,...

    Tags: Simulation Software, Astronomy Software
  • Montage Image Mosaic Software Engine by , , ,

    Montage (full name Montage Astronomical Image Mosaic Engine) is a software toolkit used in astrophotography to assemble astronomical images in Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) format into...

    Latest version of Montage Image Mosaic Software Engine is 4.0 and it was released on 2015-09-30.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Astronomy Software, Science Software
  • HNSKY by Han Kleijn

    HNSKY or Hallo Northern Sky is a popular freeware planetarium program for Linux and Microsoft Windows to simulate the night sky. It is provided with several non-English language modules, numerous...

    Latest version of HNSKY is 3.3.5g (Microsoft Windows); 3.4.0ß11_FPC (Linux) and it was released on 2017-08-22.

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Freeware, Science Software For Windows
  • Gravity

    Gravity (ver. 2.01) is a software program designed by Steve Safarik to simulate the motions of planetary bodies in space. Users can create solar systems of up to 16 bodies. Mass, Density, Initial...

    Latest version of Gravity is 2.01 and it was released on 1990-05-27.

    Tags: Science Software For Windows, Windowsonly Shareware, Astronomy Software
  • DeepSky Planner by Knightware

    Deep-Sky Planner is observation planning and logging software for amateur astronomers. It helps observers to determine where and when to view all types of celestial objects. It runs on...

    Latest version of Deep-Sky Planner is v7 and it was released on 2016-04-18.

    Tags: Astronomy Software, Science Software For Windows
  • Bing Maps Platform by Microsoft

    Bing Maps Platform (previously Microsoft Virtual Earth) is a geospatial mapping platform produced by Microsoft. It allows developers to create applications that layer location-relevant data on top...

    Latest version of Bing Maps Platform is 6.2 and it was released on Fall 2008.

    Tags: Bing, Gis Software, Web Map Services, Keyhole Markup Language, Freeware, Astronomy Software, Virtual Globes, Earth Sciences Graphics Software, Satellite Imagery
  • Maxim DL by Cyanogen

    Maxim DL is an astronomical software created by Cyanogen Imaging for the intended purpose of astronomical imaging. The data processing comes from imaging array detectors such as CCDs. It is...

    Tags: Science Software, Astronomy Software
  • FreeFlyer by a.i. solutions, Inc.

    FreeFlyer is a software application for use in satellite mission analysis, design and operations. FreeFlyer's architecture centers on its native scripting language, known as FreeForm script. As a...

    Latest version of FreeFlyer is 7.3 and it was released on {{start date and age|2017|9}}.

    Tags: 3d Graphics Software, Aerospace Engineering Software, Astronomy Software, Mathematical Software, Physics Software, Science Software For Windows