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Loqu8 Description
Loqu8 is a software company that helps users access and learn information, such as languages and real-time facts. Its products are based on an augmented learning model that was originally developed using cognitive science and information processing research at Caltech and Stanford University. Users interact with the augmented environment by touching the screen or pointing to content with a mouse. A pop-up window immediately displays contextually-relevant information with links to supporting resources. Behind the scenes, the text surrounding the mouse pointer is evaluated and supplemental information (e.g., web search, language translation, images and speech) is presented. Powered by Loqu8’s iNtution engine, the software promises to help users learn information quickly; a pop-up window is displayed in a fraction of a second (typically, 100 milliseconds).
In October 2009, the company previewed real-time visual search at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. The pop-up window showed instant web searches (via Microsoft Bing) and touch screen search using Microsoft Windows 7.
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Loqu8 Alternatives

  • MixBit by MixBit, Inc.

    MixBit is a video-sharing service that was created by two of the three co-founders of YouTube, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. It started on August 8, 2013. MixBit's website lets users create dynamic...

    Tags: Internet Companies Of The United States, Companies Based In San Mateo California, Android Software, Ios Software, Video Software, 2013 Software, Windows Phone Software
  • LiquidPlanner by LiquidPlanner, Inc.

    LiquidPlanner, Inc. is an online project management software company based in Seattle. The firm was founded in 2006 and launched their first release to a public beta in 2008. LiquidPlanner is a...

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  • Whisper by WhisperText LLC

    Whisper is a proprietary iOS and Android mobile app available without charge. It is a form of anonymous social media, allowing users to post and share photo and video messages anonymously, although...

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  • MobileMe by Apple Inc.

    MobileMe (formerly .Mac and iTools) was a subscription-based collection of online services and software offered by Apple Inc. All services were being gradually transitioned and replaced by iCloud...

    Latest version of MobileMe is 1.6.7 and it was released on 2011-10-12.

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  • Fluenz by Fluenz Inc.

    Fluenz is a digital language learning platform developed by Fluenz Inc., a U.S. entrepreneurial company. The interactive content can be downloadable or accessed online on computers and mobile...

    Tags: Language Learning Software
  • Wenlin by Tom Bishop and others

    Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese is a software application designed by Tom Bishop, who is also president of the Wenlin Institute. It is based on his experience of the needs of learners of the...

    Latest version of Wenlin is 4.3.2 and it was released on 2016-07-23.

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  • NoRedInk by NoRedInk Corporation

    NoRedInk (stylized as noredink) is an online web-based language-learning platform designed to help students in grades 4-12 improve their grammar and writing skills. The lessons are aligned to meet...

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  • SkELL Sketch Engine for Language Learning by Lexical Computing Ltd.

    SkELL is an abbreviation of Sketch Engine for Language Learning. It is a web interface for language learning. The main purpose is to help students and teachers of languages. SkELL has its own corpus...

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  • Rosetta Stone Language Learning by Rosetta Stone Inc.

    Rosetta Stone Language Learning is proprietary computer-assisted language learning (CALL) software published by Rosetta Stone Inc. The software uses images, text, and sound to teach words and...

    Latest version of Rosetta Stone Language Learning is 5.0.37 and it was released on 2014-10-09.

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  • BopABet by Sunnyside Software, Fresno, CA, USA,Sierra On-Line

    Bop-A-Bet is a 1983 computer game developed by Al Lowe (in 1982) for the Apple II and published by Sierra On-Line. The game teaches letter recognition and alphabetization. The speed of the game...

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