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SimCad Pro

Simulation and optimization

SimCad Pro Description
Simcad Pro simulation software is a product of CreateASoft, Inc which is used for simulating process based environments such as manufacturing, supply lines, logistics, healthcare, and many others. The software is a tool for planning, organizing, optimizing, and engineering real process based systems. Simcad Pro allows the creation of a computer model, which can be manipulated by the user and represents a real environment. Using the model, it is possible to test for efficiency in any scenario possible, as well as locate points of improvement among the process flow. Simcad Pro's dynamic computer model also allows for changes to occur while the model is running for a fully realistic simulation.
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SimCad Pro Alternatives

  • HP Application Lifecycle Management

    HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM) is a set of software tools developed and marketed by Micro Focus for application development and testing. It includes tools for requirements management,...

    Tags: Business Software, Hp Software
  • SAP Business Rule Framework plus by SAP

    BRFplus (Business Rule Framework plus) is a business rules management system (BRMS) offered by SAP AG. BRFplus is part of the SAP NetWeaver ABAP stack. Therefore, all SAP applications that are based...

    Tags: Business Software
  • Visual Intercept

    Visual Intercept is a Microsoft Windows based software defect tracking system produced by Elsinore Technologies Inc.. Visual Intercept was actively sold from 1995 until early 2006 when it was...

    Latest version of Visual Intercept is 3.7 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2006}}.

    Tags: Business Software, Bug And Issue Tracking Software
  • Supportworks by Hornbill Systems

    Supportworks is an issue tracking system designed for use in help desk and information technology (IT) environments. Two branches of the software are developed concurrently, Supportworks ITSM, a...

    Latest version of Supportworks is 7.5 and it was released on 2011-09-30.

    Tags: Business Software, Help Desk Software, Bug And Issue Tracking Software
  • Webcam Social Shopper by Zugara

    The Webcam Social Shopper, often referred to as virtual dressing room software, debuted online in June 2009 and was created by Los Angeles-based software company, Zugara. Cited initially as an...

    Latest version of Webcam Social Shopper is v1.1.8 and it was released on 2012.

    Tags: Augmented Reality, Ecommerce, Business Software
  • TradersStudio by TradersStudio Inc.

    TradersStudio is an EOD trading software and a technical analysis software used for analyzing and trading the financial markets. It is a Windows-based application. Its Core Concept is that it has...

    Latest version of TradersStudio is Professional and it was released on 2010-06-21.

    Tags: Business Software, Financial Software, Financial Markets, Technical Analysis Software
  • TimeSheet

    TimeSheet is a Time-tracking software developed by in Netherlands. TimeSheet can be helpful in several situations but especially for freelancers who are getting paid by the hour...

    Latest version of TimeSheet is 2.2.5 and it was released on 2016-02-09.

    Tags: Timetracking Software, Web Applications, Project Management Software, Administrative Software, Business Software, Business Software Companies, Legal Software
  • HP TeleForm by HP

    TeleForm is a forms processing application originally developed by Cardiff Software, but now owned by the company Hewlett...

    Tags: Business Software, Optical Character Recognition
  • ShopSavvy by Rylan Barnes, Jason Hudgins and Alexander Muse, Big in Japan Inc.

    ShopSavvy is a mobile application for shopping that scans products and finds online and local stores providing those products. Additionally, ShopSavvy compares the prices, displays user reviews, and...

    Latest version of ShopSavvy is 5.0.3 on Android5.0.0 on iOS1.10.0.0 on Windows Phone and it was released on 2012-01-31.

    Tags: Business Software
  • ProductCenter by SofTech, Inc.

    ProductCenter is a commercial software product, that is an integrated suite of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for managing product data. The software was engineered for the Microsoft...

    Latest version of ProductCenter is ProductCenter 9.1 and it was released on December 2010.

    Tags: Business Software, Product Lifecycle Management, Engineering Companies Of The United States, Software Companies Of The United States
  • Planisware by Planisware

    Planisware is the editor of the Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) software solution Planisware V6 (formerly known as OPX2) targeting multiple industries - including energy, medical...

    Latest version of Planisware is V6.2 and it was released on 2016.

    Tags: Project Management Software, Business Software, Business Software For Windows
  • OpenProcurement by Quintagroup

    OpenProcurement is an open source procurement software toolkit that automates procurement processes. It provides tools to design and build a transparent and competitive procurement process backed by...

    Tags: Crossplatform Software, Free Software, Business Software
  • Open Reporting Application by World Programming

    Open Reporting Application (ORA) is a software product developed by World Programming. It is a combination of data analysis, reporting, and data management technologies. It provides a solution to...

    Latest version of Open Reporting Application (ORA) is 1.3 and it was released on February 2008.

    Tags: Business Software
  • KXEN by KXEN Inc.

    KXEN was an American software company which existed from 1998 to 2013 when it was acquired by SAP...

    Latest version of KXEN is 5.1 and it was released on May 2009.

    Tags: Business Software, Data Mining And Machine Learning Software, Companies Based In San Francisco, Software Companies Based In California, Software Companies Established In 1998, Sap Se Acquisitions
  • Oracle Hyperion Planning by Oracle Corporation

    Oracle Hyperion Planning is a budgeting and forecasting application that aims at improving business predictability. It used to be owned by Hyperion Solutions Corporation, which was purchased by...

    Latest version of Oracle Hyperion Planning is and it was released on 2015.

    Tags: Performance Management, Business Software
  • HumHub by HumHub GmbH & Co. KG

    HumHub is a free and open source social network software coded on top of the Yii PHP framework that provides an easy to use toolkit for creating and launching an own social network. The platform can...

    Latest version of HumHub is 1.0.0 and it was released on 2016-03-27.

    Tags: Business Software, Collaborative Software, Groupware, Social Software, Software Using The Gnu Agpl License
  • GRC Envelop by Arambankudyil Consultancy

    GRC Envelop is a risk management and audit management software tool. It enables process control managers, auditors and risk managers to document and manage their work. The entire tool is web based...

    Latest version of GRC Envelop is 0.3.2 and it was released on 2016-06-08.

    Tags: Auditing, Internal Audit, Risk Management Software, Information Technology Audit, Computeraided Audit Tools, Business Software
  • Eyeball Chat by Eyeball Networks

    Eyeball Chat is a proprietary freeware VoIP, video telephony soft phone with multiple-protocol instant messaging for Windows PCs, produced by Eyeball Networks in Vancouver, and first released in...

    Latest version of Eyeball Chat is 3.2 and it was released on 2009-10-27.

    Tags: Communication Software, Voip Software, Business Software
  • Fundo by {{URL|}}

    Fundo is a free web-based knowledge management and Productivity platform for collaborating on documents with reusable content in shared workspaces. It allows to synchronise and organise your...

    Tags: Business Software, Project Management Software, Personal Information Managers
  • EventManager by Kent House

    EventManager is a commercial event management app, developed, licensed, and supported by UK-based Kent House based at Keele University. The product was first developed in 2003 for use within the UK...

    Latest version of EventManager is 4.1 and it was released on 2010-05-01.

    Tags: Business Software
  • DocPoint by Do It! Software Ltd

    DocPoint is a commercial document management system. DocPoint targets a wide variety of audiences ranging from corporations and government institutions, to small and medium enterprises across a...

    Latest version of DocPoint is 7.04.08 and it was released on 2011-08-01.

    Tags: Business Software, Content Management Systems, Windows Textrelated Software
  • Receiver by Citrix

    Citrix Receiver is the client component of XenDesktop and XenApp, developed by Citrix Systems. It was first released in...

    Tags: Citrix Systems, Centralized Computing, Remote Desktop, Business Software
  • BlueSpice MediaWiki by Hallo Welt! GmbH

    BlueSpice MediaWiki (BlueSpice for short) is free wiki software based on MediaWiki and licensed by GNU General Public License. It is especially developed for businesses as an enterprise wiki...

    Latest version of BlueSpice MediaWiki is 2.27.2 and it was released on 2017-07-20.

    Tags: Free Wiki Software, Wiki Software, Php Software, Collaborative Software, Business Software
  • Angelfish Software by Actual Metrics

    Angelfish Software is an on-premises, self-hosted web analytics application which allows organizations to monitor how users interact with websites and web-based applications. Angelfish can use web...

    Tags: Business Software, Web Analytics, Web Applications
  • WeWorked

    WeWorked is web-based time tracking software for small businesses. WeWorked was determined by PC Magazine as one of the best free web apps of 2013. WeWorked integrates its invoices with QuickBooks...

    Tags: Software Companies Established In 2009, Business Software, Business Software Companies
  • Money by Jumsoft

    Money is a personal finance management tool for Mac OS X by Jumsoft. The latest major release, version 3.0, was released in 2008. Money is designed for accounting and budgeting as well as for...

    Latest version of Money is 4.4 and it was released on 2012-12-12.

    Tags: Accounting Software, Business Software, Financial Software, Macosonly Software, Pimsoftware For Macos
  • Triskell by Triskell Software LLC

    Triskell is a project portfolio management (PPM) software developed by Triskell Software LLC. It is a collaborative software that allows enterprises to manage all perspective of their business like...

    Tags: Project Management Software, Project Management, Business Software, Collaborative Software
  • PrefixNE by Prefix IT Ltd.

    PrefixNE is a PC management software product by Prefix IT...

    Tags: Business Software
  • PATENTEM by Sterkonix

    PATENTEM is an electronic meeting system for meetings and voting, produced and developed by Czech company Sterkonix. PATENTEM clients exist for both mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and desktop...

    Tags: Business Software
  • Madoka by PKT Solutions Limited

    Madoka is a software system for supporting the automation of business processes. Initially a stock management system it progressed into an e-commerce system and then into a system for supporting the...

    Tags: Business Software
  • Grindstone

    Grindstone is a free Microsoft Windows desktop application that allows users to create and organize tasks and to track time. The application features a Task List window for managing tasks and time,...

    Latest version of Grindstone is 3.1.5575 and it was released on 2015-04-08.

    Tags: Business Software, Freeware, Timetracking Software, Proprietary Software
  • EZOfficeinventory by Syed Ali

    EZOfficeinventory is a cloud-based asset tracking software used in tracking physical and technological...

    Tags: Business Software
  • ChannelGain

    ChannelGain is a product by a company called RateGain. Its main purpose is to facilitate online distribution of room rates, availability, allocation and inventory of rooms for hotels to all their...

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Business Software, Hospitality Management
  • HP Business Service Management by Hewlett-Packard,HP Software Division

    HP Business Service Management (BSM) is an end-to-end management solution that integrates network, server, application and business transaction monitoring. HP Business Service Management is...

    Tags: Business Software, Hp Software, Network Management
  • HP Content Manager by Hewlett-Packard,HP Software Division from initial technology developed by TOWER Software (acquired by HP)

    HP Content Manager is an electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) marketed by the HP Software Division and based on technology from Hewlett-Packard's 2008 acquisition of TOWER...

    Tags: Hp Software, Business Software, Content Management Systems
  • InterSystems HealthShare by InterSystems

    InterSystems HealthShare is a healthcare informatics platform for hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and regional and national health information exchanges (HIE). HealthShare includes...

    Latest version of InterSystems HealthShare is 2015.1 and it was released on March 17, 2015.

    Tags: Business Software, Proprietary Software
  • Oracle Policy Automation by Oracle

    Oracle Policy Automation (abbreviated OPA) is a suite of software products for modeling and deploying business rules within enterprise applications. Oracle Corporation acquired OPA in December 2008...

    Latest version of Oracle Policy Automation is 12.2.8 and it was released on {{release date and age|2017|8|df=yes}}.

    Tags: Business Software, Collaborative Software, Oracle Software
  • Pixetell by Ontier Inc.

    Pixetell was an online communication and collaboration tool for producing and sharing screencasts, or short videos that present the contents and activity on their computer screen. Its developer,...

    Latest version of Pixetell is 1.3.11913 and it was released on 2010-01-15.

    Tags: Business Software, Collaborative Software, Screencasting Software, Groupware, Multimodal Interaction, Companies Based In Portland Oregon, Companies Established In 2008
  • Time Matters by LexisNexis by LexisNexis

    Time Matters is practice management software, produced by LexisNexis which was purchased by Reed Elsevier in March, 2004. It differs from contact management software such as ACT! or GoldMine because...

    Latest version of Time Matters by LexisNexis is 13.0 and it was released on ???.

    Tags: Business Software, Legal Software, Timekeeping
  • TimeClock Plus by Data Management Inc.

    TimeClock Plus is a computerized time and attendance system developed and sold by Data Management Inc. Beginning as a DOS application in 1988, it developed into a Windows application, and eventually...

    Tags: Business Software
  • VPMS

    VP/MS (Visual Product Modeling System) is a family of software components developed by CSC that support product development and product lifecycle management. Insurance companies (among other users...

    Tags: Computerrelated Introductions In 1997, Componentbased Software Engineering, Business Software

    All member states of the European Union are bound to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions. For example, the EU climate and energy package requires member states to improve their energy efficiency...

    Tags: City, Lowcarbon Economy, Sustainable Urban Planning, Economics And Climate Change, Energy Economics, Business Software, Lowenergy Building, Sustainable Building
  • AnyLogic by The AnyLogic Company (former XJ Technologies)

    AnyLogic is a multimethod simulation modeling tool developed by The AnyLogic Company (former XJ Technologies). It supports agent-based, discrete event, and system dynamics simulation methodologies....

    Latest version of AnyLogic is 8.1 Professional and it was released on 2017.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Free Simulation Software, Traffic Simulation, Java Development Tools, Science Software For Macos, Science Software For Windows, Science Software For Linux, Agentbased Software, 2000 Software
  • Wolfram SystemModeler by Wolfram Research

    Wolfram SystemModeler, developed by Wolfram MathCore, is a platform for engineering as well as life-science modeling and simulation based on the Modelica language. It provides an interactive...

    Latest version of Wolfram SystemModeler is 5.0 and it was released on 25 July 2017.

    Tags: Objectoriented Programming, Wolfram Research, Simulation Programming Languages, Simulation Software, Computeraided Engineering
  • TRANSYT7F by McTrans Center, University of Florida

    TRANSYT-7F is a traffic simulation and signal timing optimization program. The primary application of TRANSYT-7F is signal timing design and optimization. TRANSYT-7F features genetic algorithm...

    Tags: Simulation Software, Traffic Simulation
  • Visual Components by Visual Components Oy

    Visual Components is a commercial 3D discrete event simulation software that enables material flow and robotics simulation on one platform. The functionality can be extended with off-line...

    Latest version of Visual Components is 2014 SP2 and it was released on 2014-10-07.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Windowsonly Software, Robotics Simulation Software
  • TINA by DesignSoft

    Toolkit for Interactive Network Analysis, more known by its acronym TINA, is a SPICE based electronics design and training software including analog, digital & mixed circuit simulation and PCB...

    Latest version of TINA is v11 and it was released on December 2016.

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • SimulationX by ESI ITI GmbH

    SimulationX is a CAE software application running on Microsoft Windows for the physical simulation of technical systems developed and sold by ESI ITI GmbH in Dresden,...

    Latest version of SimulationX is 3.7 and it was released on 2015-11-02.

    Tags: Simulation Programming Languages, Simulation Software, Computeraided Engineering
  • SimEvents by MathWorks

    SimEvents is a discrete event simulation tool developed by MathWorks. It adds a library of graphical building blocks for modeling queuing systems to the Simulink environment. It also adds an...

    Latest version of SimEvents is 5.0 and it was released on 2016-03-03.

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • Simantics System Dynamics by Simantics Team

    Simantics System Dynamics is a ready-to-use system dynamics modelling and simulation software application for understanding different organizations, markets and other complex systems and their...

    Tags: Simulation Software

    SAMSON (Software for Adaptive Modeling and Simulation Of Nanosystems) is a computer software platform for computational nanoscience being developed by the NANO-D group at the French Institute for...

    Tags: Nanotechnology, Simulation Software
  • Renque

    Renque is a commercial software application, designed for general-purpose discrete event simulation. Simulations created in Renque are widely used to analyze and improve operating procedures of...

    Tags: Events, Simulation Software
  • PROII by Schneider Electric, SimSci

    PRO/II from the Schneider Electric SimSci brand is a steady-state process simulator (process simulation) for process design and operational analysis for process engineers in the chemical, petroleum,...

    Latest version of PRO/II is PRO/II 9.3.1 and it was released on 2014.

    Tags: Chemical Engineering Software, Simulation Software
  • PLECS by Plexim

    PLECS (Piecewise Linear Electrical Circuit Simulation) is a software tool for system-level simulations of electrical circuits developed by Plexim. It is especially designed for power electronics but...

    Tags: Electronic Circuit Simulators, Simulation Software, Power Electronics
  • ns by ns-3 project{{#tag:ref|Tom Henderson, Mathieu Lacage, George Riley, Mitch Watrous, Gustavo Carneiro, Tommaso Pecorella and others.|group=note|name="hackers"}}

    ns (from network simulator) is a name for a series of discrete event network simulators, specifically ns-1, ns-2 and ns-3. All of them are discrete-event computer network simulators, primarily used...

    Latest version of ns is 3.26 and it was released on 2016-10-03.

    Tags: Computer Networking, Computer Network Analysis, Simulation Software, Telecommunications Engineering, Free Software Programmed In C, Software Using The Gpl License
  • OMNeT by OpenSim Ltd.

    OMNeT++ (Objective Modular Network Testbed in C++) is a modular, component-based C++ simulation library and framework, primarily for building network simulators. OMNeT++ can be used for free for...

    Latest version of OMNeT++ is 5.1 and it was released on 2017-04-03.

    Tags: Computer Networking, Computer Network Analysis, Simulation Software, Telecommunications Engineering
  • NIAflow by Haver & Boecker oHG

    NIAflow is simulation software for mineral processing plants. Based on a flowsheet interface, it calculates the material flow through a variety of processing...

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • NEi Software Products by NEi Software

    NEi Nastran is an engineering analysis and simulation software product of NEi Software (formerly known as Noran Engineering, Inc.) Based on NASA's Structural Analysis program NASTRAN, the software...

    Latest version of NEi Software Products is V10.2 and it was released on 2013.

    Tags: Finite Element Software, Simulation Software, Finite Element Software For Linux
  • NetSim by TETCOS

    NetSim is a network simulation and network emulation tool used for network design & planning, defense applications and network R & D. Various technologies such as Cognitive Radio, Wireless Sensor...

    Latest version of NetSim is v10 and it was released on 2017-06-01.

    Tags: Wireless Networking, Computer Network Analysis, Computer Networking, Simulation Software
  • MS4 Modeling Environment by MS4 Systems, Inc.

    MS4 Modeling Environment (MS4 Me) is a discrete event simulation system (DEVS) software developed by MS4 Systems, Inc. It has been used in the modeling of complex systems (such as a national health...

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • Mimic Software Simulation by MYNAH Technologies

    Mimic Simulation Software is a simulation software developed by MYNAH Technologies that allows modeling of process plant unit operations. Mimic supports simulation of Foundation Fieldbus,...

    Latest version of Mimic Software Simulation is v3 (3.3.1) and it was released on January 2011.

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • Isaac Dynamics

    Isaac Dynamics is a dynamic simulation software developed by Struttura Informatica. The main purpose of Isaac Dynamics is the dynamic simulation of engineering processes for conventional and...

    Latest version of Isaac Dynamics is 2.4 and it was released on 2015-06-01.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Companies Of Italy
  • IMPRINT by Alion Science and Technology,Army Research Laboratory

    The Improved Performance Research Integration Tool (IMPRINT) is a discrete-event simulation and human performance modeling software tool developed by the Army Research Laboratory and Micro Analysis...

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • GNUSim8085

    GNUSim8085 is a graphical simulator, assembler and debugger for the Intel 8085 microprocessor in Linux and Windows. It is among the 20 winners of the FOSS India Awards announced on February,...

    Latest version of GNUSim8085 is 1.3.7 and it was released on 2011-02-20.

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • Enterprise Dynamics by INCONTROL Simulation Solutions

    Enterprise Dynamics is a discrete event simulation software platform developed by INCONTROL Simulation Solutions. It is used to design and implement simulation solutions. The Enterprise Dynamics...

    Tags: Computational Science, Events, Scientific Modeling, Simulation, Simulation Software, Virtual Reality, Articles Created Via The Article Wizard
  • EFDCExplorer by Dynamic Solutions-International, LLC

    EFDC_Explorer (EE) is a Windows-based GUI for pre- and post processing of the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC). The program is developed and supported by the engineering company Dynamic...

    Latest version of EFDC_Explorer is EFDC_Explorer8.2 and it was released on November 28, 2016.

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • Automation Studio by Famic Technologies Inc.

    Automation Studio is a circuit design, simulation and project documentation software for fluid power systems and electrical projects conceived by Famic Technologies Inc.. It is used for CAD,...

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • Apros Process Simulation Software by Fortum and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

    Apros is a commercial dynamic simulation software for modelling and simulation of various types of power plant processes, energy systems and networks including automation (or I&C) functionality and...

    Tags: Simulation Software, Chemical Process Engineering, Process Management
  • AGi32 by Lighting Analysts, Inc.

    AGi32 is a simulation tool used for designing lighting projects and calculating the amount of light that will be delivered based on user-set parameters. The resulting calculations are commonly...

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • SIMUL8 by SIMUL8 Corporation

    SIMUL8 simulation software is a product of the SIMUL8 Corporation used for simulating systems that involve processing of discrete entities at discrete times. This program is a tool for planning,...

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • ProModel

    ProModel is a discrete event simulation software developed by ProModel, Inc. It is used for evaluating, planning or designing manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and other operational and...

    Latest version of ProModel is 2014 and it was released on {{release date|mf=yes|Summer 2014}}.

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • PLCLogix by Logic Design Inc.

    PLCLogix is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) simulator that emulates the operation of the Logix 5000 PLC by Rockwell Automation. It provides users with the ability to write, edit and debug...

    Latest version of PLCLogix is V4.0 and it was released on Jan. 2017.

    Tags: Simulation Programming Languages, Simulation Software
  • NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulation

    NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulation is a software package available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X designed and built by a team of programmers and artists led by German programmer Ole Lange. It...

    Latest version of NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulation is 1.8 and it was released on 3 July 2011.

    Tags: Roller Coaster Games And Simulations, Simulation Software
  • MLDesigner by MLDesign Technologies, Inc, Palo Alto, CA, USA

    MLDesigner is an integrated modeling and simulation tool for the design and analysis of complex embedded and networked systems. MLDesigner speeds up modeling, simulation and analysis of discrete...

    Latest version of MLDesigner is 3.1 and it was released on 2015-12-02.

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • Mini TSFO by Captain Bill Erwin

    The Mini TSFO (Training Set, Fire Observation) was the first artillery call-for-fire simulation designed for the personal computer. It was started in 1985 as an outgrowth of a Field Artillery...

    Latest version of Mini TSFO is 1.7 and it was released on 1987.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Military Electronics
  • MikroSim

    MikroSim is an educational software computer program for hardware-non-specific explanation of the general functioning and behaviour of a virtual processor, running on the Microsoft Windows operating...

    Latest version of MikroSim is 3.0.13 and it was released on 2012-06-20.

    Tags: Educational Abstract Machines, Simulation Software
  • JMAG by JSOL Corporation

    JMAG is simulation software for the development and design of electrical devices. JMAG was originally released in 1983 as a tool to support design for devices such as motors, actuators, circuit...

    Latest version of JMAG is Version 10.0 and it was released on 2009.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Finite Element Software For Linux, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group
  • Hopsan by Division of Fluid and Mechatronic Systems,Linköping University

    Hopsan is a free simulation environment for fluid and mechatronic systems, developed at Linköping University. Although originally developed for simulation of fluid power systems, it has also been...

    Latest version of Hopsan is 0.7.8 and it was released on 2017-04-04.

    Tags: Fortran Software, C Software, Simulation Software
  • FlexSim

    FlexSim is a discrete event simulation software package developed by FlexSim Software Products, Inc. The FlexSim product family currently includes the general purpose FlexSim product and FlexSim...

    Latest version of FlexSim is 17.0.0 and it was released on 2016-12-12.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Software Companies Based In Utah, Companies Based In Orem Utah
  • Dymola by Dassault Systèmes

    Dymola is a commercial modeling and simulation environment based on the open Modelica modeling language. Large and complex systems are composed of component models; mathematical equations describe...

    Latest version of Dymola is [ Dymola 2018] and it was released on June 2, 2017.

    Tags: Simulation Programming Languages, Simulation Software
  • Ecolego

    Ecolego is a simulation software tool that is used for creating dynamic models and performing deterministic and probabilistic simulations. It is also used for conducting risk assessments of complex...

    Latest version of Ecolego is Ecolego 5.0.268 and it was released on May 3, 2011.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Probabilistic Software

    DWSIM is an open-source CAPE-OPEN compliant chemical process simulator for Windows, Linux and macOS. DWSIM is built on top of the Microsoft .NET and Mono Platforms and features a Graphical User...

    Latest version of DWSIM is 5.0 with Update 10 (Windows/Linux/macOS), 2.2.0 (Android/iOS) and it was released on 2017-09-20.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Chemical Engineering Software
  • CORSIM by McTrans Center, University of Florida

    TSIS-CORSIM is a microscopic traffic simulation software package for signal systems, highway systems, freeway systems, or combined signal, highway and freeway systems. CORSIM (CORridor SIMulation)...

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • Altreva Adaptive Modeler by Altreva

    Altreva Adaptive Modeler is a software application for creating agent-based financial market simulation models for the purpose of forecasting prices of real world market traded stocks or other...

    Latest version of Altreva Adaptive Modeler is 1.5.2 and it was released on 2016-04-07.

    Tags: Financial Markets Software, Agentbased Software, Technical Analysis Software, Simulation Software
  • 20sim by Controllab Products B.V.

    20-sim is commercial modeling and simulation program for multidomain dynamic systems, which is developed by Controllab. With 20-sim models can be entered as equations, block diagrams, bond graphs...

    Latest version of 20-sim is 4.6.2 and it was released on {{release date|2016|10}}.

    Tags: Articles Created Via The Article Wizard, Simulation Software, Scientific Modeling, Diagrams
  • 3D Virtual Creature Evolution by Lee Graham

    3D Virtual Creature Evolution, abbreviated to 3DVCE, is an artificial evolution simulation program created by Lee Graham. The website is currently down. Its purpose is to visualize and research...

    Tags: Artificial Life, Science Software, Artificial Life Models, Simulation Software
  • Tecnomatix Plant Simulation by Siemens PLM Software

    Plant Simulation is a computer application developed by Siemens PLM Software for modeling, simulating, analyzing, visualizing and optimizing production systems and processes, the flow of materials...

    Latest version of Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 14 and it was released on 2017.

    Tags: Product Lifecycle Management, Project Management Software, Siemens Software Products, Simulation Software, Business Software For Windows
  • OpenModelica by Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC)

    OpenModelica is a free and open source environment based on the Modelica modeling language for modeling, simulating, optimizing and analyzing complex dynamic systems. This software is actively...

    Latest version of OpenModelica is 1.11.0 and it was released on 2017-02-06.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Simulation Programming Languages, Mathematical Optimization Software, Free Simulation Software, Declarative Programming Languages, Objectoriented Programming
  • Easy JavaScript Simulations Old name Easy Java Simulations

    Old name ""EJS"" Easy Java Simulations or new name since 2014 EJSS, or Easy JavaScript Simulations, is an open-source software tool, part of the Open Source Physics project, designed for the...

    Tags: Simulation Software, Plotting Software, Crossplatform Software, Free Software Programmed In Java

    Simulation Open Framework Architecture (SOFA) is an open source framework primarily targeted at real-time physical simulation, with an emphasis on medical simulation. It is mostly intended for the...

    Latest version of SOFA is 17.06 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2017|06}}.

    Tags: Computer Physics Engines, Computational Science, Simulation Software, Medical Simulation, Health Software
  • JModelicaorg by Modelon AB is a free and open source software platform based on the Modelica modeling language for modeling, simulating, optimizing and analyzing complex dynamic systems. The platform is...

    Latest version of is 2.0 and it was released on 2017-05-10.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Simulation Programming Languages, Mathematical Optimization Software, Free Simulation Software, Declarative Programming Languages, Objectoriented Programming, Free Software Programmed In Python
  • MapleSim by Maplesoft

    MapleSim is a Modelica-based, multi-domain modeling and simulation tool developed by Maplesoft. MapleSim generates model equations, runs simulations, and performs analyses using the symbolic and...

    Tags: Maplesoft, Plotting Software, Mathematical Optimization Software, Computer Algebra System Software For Linux, Computer Algebra System Software For Windows, Computer Algebra System Software For Macos, Crossplatform Software, Simulation Software
  • NEST by The NEST Initiative

    NEST is a simulation software for spiking neural network models, including large-scale neuronal networks. NEST was initially developed by Markus Diesmann and Marc-Oliver Gewaltig and is now...

    Latest version of NEST (Neural Simulation Tool) is 2.12.0 and it was released on 2017-03-01.

    Tags: Computational Biology, Computational Neuroscience, Simulation Software, Scientific Simulation Software, Science Software, Free Science Software
  • Foldinghome by Pande Laboratory, Sony,Nvidia,ATI, Cauldron Development

    Folding@home (FAH or F@h) is a distributed computing project for disease research that simulates protein folding, computational drug design, and other types of molecular dynamics. The project uses...

    Latest version of Folding@home is 7.4.4 and it was released on 2014-03-19.

    Tags: Computerrelated Introductions In 2000, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Computational Chemistry, Crossplatform Software, Data Mining And Machine Learning Software, Distributed Computing Projects, Hidden Markov Models, Mathematical And Theoretical Biology, Molecular Dynamics Software, Molecular Modelling, Molecular Modelling Software, Playstation 3 Software, Proprietary Crossplatform Software, Protein Folds, Protein Structure, Simulation Software, Stanford University, Medical Technology, Medical Research Organizations, Science Software For Linux, Science Software For Macos, Science Software For Windows
  • RoboDK

    RoboDK is an offline programming and simulation software for industrial robots. The simulation software can be used for many manufacturing projects including milling, welding, pick and place,...

    Tags: Simulation Software, Robotics Simulation Software, Simulation Programming Languages, Industrial Robotics
  • Kameleon FireEx KFX

    Kameleon FireEx KFX, often only referred to as KFX, is a commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) program with main focus on gas dispersion and fire simulation. KFX uses the k-epsilon model...

    Tags: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Simulation Software
  • ExtendSim by Imagine That Inc.

    ExtendSim (formerly known as Extend) is a simulation program for modeling discrete event, continuous, agent-based, and discrete rate processes. There are four ExtendSim packages: CP for continuous...

    Tags: Simulation Software
  • EcosimPro

    EcosimPro is a simulation tool developed by Empresarios Agrupados A.I.E for modelling simple and complex physical processes that can be expressed in terms of Differential algebraic equations or...

    Latest version of EcosimPro is 5.6.0 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2016|12}}.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Computeraided Engineering Software, Scientific Simulation Software
  • modeFRONTIER by Esteco s.p.a

    modeFRONTIER is a software product for process integration and design optimization developed by Esteco SpA. It provides an optimization environment with modular, profiled-based access. ESTECO's...

    Latest version of modeFRONTIER is 2017R4 ( and it was released on June 14, 2017.

    Tags: Computer System Optimization Software, Computeraided Design Software, Computeraided Engineering Software, Mathematical Optimization Software, Simulation Software
  • Vensim by Ventana Systems, Inc.

    Vensim is simulation software developed by Ventana Systems. It primarily supports continuous simulation (system dynamics), with some discrete event and agent-based modelling capabilities. It is...

    Latest version of Vensim is Version 6.4 and it was released on {{start date and age|df=yes|paren=yes|2016|06}}.

    Tags: Environmental Science Software, Mathematical Software, Numerical Software, Probabilistic Software, Risk Management Software, Science Software For Windows, Scientific Simulation Software, Simulation Programming Languages, Simulation Software
  • Simulink by MathWorks

    Simulink, developed by MathWorks, is a graphical programming environment for modeling, simulating and analyzing multidomain dynamic systems. Its primary interface is a graphical block diagramming...

    Latest version of Simulink is 8.9 (part of R2017a) and it was released on 2017-03-09.

    Tags: Crossplatform Software, Linux Software, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Software, Simulation Programming Languages, Simulation Software, Visual Programming Languages
  • LMS ImagineLab Amesim by Siemens PLM Software

    LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim is a commercial simulation software for the modeling and analysis of multi-domain systems. It is part of systems engineering domain and falls into the mechatronic engineering...

    Tags: Simulation Software, Numerical Software, Computeraided Engineering, Simulation Programming Languages, Fortran
  • GoldSim by GoldSim Technology Group LLC

    GoldSim is dynamic, probabilistic simulation software developed by GoldSim Technology Group. This general-purpose simulator is a hybrid of several simulation approaches, combining an extension of...

    Latest version of GoldSim is 12.0 and it was released on 2017-02-15.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Risk Management Software, Scientific Simulation Software, Mathematical Software, Environmental Science Software, Numerical Software, Simulation Programming Languages, Probabilistic Software, Science Software For Windows
  • Range Software by Tomáš Šoltys

    Range Software is finite element analysis software...

    Latest version of Range Software is 2.3 and it was released on 2011.

    Tags: Computeraided Engineering Software, Engineering Software Companies, Finite Element Software, Numerical Software, Science Software, Scientific Simulation Software, Simulation Software, Specific Models, Finite Element Software For Linux
  • PottersWheel by TIKANIS GmbH, Freiburg, Germany

    PottersWheel is a MATLAB toolbox for mathematical modeling of time-dependent dynamical systems that can be expressed as chemical reaction networks or ordinary differential equations (ODEs). It...

    Latest version of PottersWheel is 4.1.1 and it was released on 2017-05-20.

    Tags: Applied Mathematics, Crossplatform Software, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Software, Pharmacokinetics, Visual Programming Languages, Statistical Software, Simulation Software
  • OpenUniverse

    OpenUniverse is a 3D Solar System simulator created by Raúl Alonso Álvarez. It allows the user to travel both in space and time through a fairly accurate representation of the Solar System,...

    Tags: Simulation Software, Astronomy Software
  • SIMDIS by Office of Naval Research

    Under direction of the Office of Naval Research, the Naval Research Laboratory’s Code 5770 produced the SIMDIS 3-D Analysis and Display Toolset to the US Department of Defense community. SIMDIS...

    Tags: 3d Graphics Software, Government Software, Simulation Software
  • Avizo

    Avizo (pronounce: ‘a-VEE-zo’) is a general-purpose commercial software application for scientific and industrial data visualization and analysis. Avizo is developed by FEI Visualization Sciences...

    Latest version of Avizo is 9.2 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2016|07}}.

    Tags: 3d Graphics Software, 3d Imaging, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Vision Software, Data Visualization Software, Earth Sciences Graphics Software, Graphics Software, Image Processing Software, Image Segmentation, Mesh Generators, Molecular Dynamics Software, Molecular Modelling Software, Nondestructive Testing, Physics Software, Science Software, Simulation Software, Software That Uses Qt, Virtual Reality
  • Materials Studio by Accelrys, now BIOVIA

    Materials Studio is software for simulating and modeling materials. It is developed and distributed by BIOVIA (formerly Accelrys), a firm specializing in research software for computational...

    Latest version of Materials Studio is 5.5.2 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2017}}.

    Tags: Simulation Software, Computational Chemistry Software
  • Optimus by Noesis Solutions

    Optimus is a Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) platform developed by Noesis Solutions. Noesis Solutions takes part in key research projects, such as MEGaFIT (zero-defect...

    Latest version of Optimus is 10.17 and it was released on November, 2015.

    Tags: Computer System Optimization Software, Computeraided Engineering Software, Computeraided Design Software, Mathematical Optimization Software, Simulation Software
  • SmartDO by FEA-Opt Technology

    SmartDO is a multidisciplinary design optimization software, based on the Direct Global Search technology developed and marketed by FEA-Opt Technology. SmartDO specialized in the CAE-Based...

    Latest version of SmartDO is 5.0.4 and it was released on {{Start date and age|2013|06}}.

    Tags: Computer System Optimization Software, Computeraided Engineering Software, Computeraided Design Software, Mathematical Optimization Software, Simulation Software

    CONSELF is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) platform used by engineers for design purposes. The platform, which highly relies on cloud computing, is developed by CONSELF SRL since its first...

    Tags: Cloud Platforms, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Method, Solid Mechanics, Computeraided Engineering Software For Linux, Computeraided Engineering Software, Finite Element Software, Fluid Dynamics, Simulation Software
  • SimScale by SimScale GmbH

    SimScale is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) software product based on cloud computing. SimScale was developed by SimScale GmbH and allows Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis and...

    Tags: Cloud Platforms, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Method, Solid Mechanics, Computeraided Engineering Software For Linux, Computeraided Engineering Software, Finite Element Software, Fluid Dynamics, Simulation Software
  • optiSLang by Dynardo GmbH

    optiSLang is a software platform for CAE-based sensitivity analysis, multi-disciplinary optimization (MDO) and robustness evaluation. It is developed by Dynardo GmbH and provides a framework for...

    Latest version of optiSLang is 5.1.1 and it was released on June 2016.

    Tags: Computer System Optimization Software, Computeraided Design Software, Computeraided Engineering Software, Mathematical Optimization Software, Simulation Software